22 September 2012

Welcome Fall 2012!

Almost 3 months since I've blogged.
Those 3 months have had enough happening in them for a lifetime!
The Depression Monster, the Fibro Monster and I had a sitdown and made some changes to my life:
1.  I missed my blogging and bloggers so Facebook has been deactivated.  I only have so many spoons to use every day and decided since no one replied to my comments on FB why be there?  Plus blogging is my heart and REAL friends are here.  So DachshundStrong is dusted off, alive and well.  And I am killing the music because not all are music lovers.
2.  When you are going to do something, do it because YOU want to and not because you are be coerced, threatened, bullied, etc.
That pretty much sums up my revised mantra and rules of my journey.
Today is the first day of Fall~the season I live for next to Winter.  Will be hauling out the Fall decor today for my coffee table and my wreath.  Need to dig in my mother's hutch and see if I have a Fall tablecloth and if not, make one when our ship (Social security) comes in.  Due to the drought, apples came in early September and we went and picked some beautiful Jonathans which Roger canned into applesauce and apple pie filling. 
Loving the cooler weather.  Trying to spend as much time as possible outside.  Might even do a weiner roast an Smores tonight..just the 2 of us.
Brief update on the kids and then they won't be mentioned in my blog anymore both for their sake and mine.  With the exception of Michael.  He is what makes me a mother.  The other 2 have pretty much done me in.  Kelli was diagnosed with MS a week ago and is seing a neurologist.  She and her boyfriend live in St. Louis for almost a year now and are very happy.  Michael is in Richmond, VA still looking for a job so if you would keep him in your thoughts and prayers it would be greatly appreciated.  He is a thoughtful, caring young man of 27 and is every mother's dream.  KJ is back to being single, nonpregnant and floundering.  She needs a job and/or technical school to make her more marketable.   She is staying with her sister for the weekend. 
My Roger was discovered to have an aortic aneurysm of 4.1 cm in the descending part of his aorta but his cardiologist is adopting a wait and see attitude.  I disagree but I'm not the cardiologist, who says these are quite common in people and just need to be watched.  How?  Didn't know he had it until it showed up in his annual chest CT that his pulmonologist does.  He is my world, my best friend and my rock.  I would  be lost without him. 
I FINALLY finished the purse.  By everone else's standards, it is wonderful.  And then there's MY standards...I would post a pic but my youngest left my cell phone on the Metro train so until my ship comes in, I am without a cell phone.  Anyone wanting to call me should use my home number of 618 416 4050.
Working on scarves for the homeless with my excessive leftover yarn stash.  Have one have done with crochet but decided to see if knitting would be easier.  That is going to take some doing.  It's not a hard pattern (knit one, purl one, etc until you have 76 inches of scarf, fold up 8 inches on each end and sew it and you have a scarf/muffler that you can put your hands in or carry stuff in them).  My husband knits like a dream....I can't seem to get my hands coordinated.  Work in progress.
I have been doing more Bible study at night with Roger before we go to bed but think we're going to have to change that to daytime because by the time bedtime rolls around, we are so exhausted that God is getting shortchanged.
I will be ecstatic when November 6 comes and campaigning is over.  It is wearing me out.  All the negativity, backbiting and so on.  Just state what you want to accomplish for the people if you are elected and leave it at that. 
My coffee, Chihuahua and recliner are calling.
I am attempting to get this blog back to a weekly update.
To borrow from Ellen Degeneres, be kind to one another.
And always, always ALWAYS keep on BELIEVING!


Debbie said...

I was very happy to see a post. I was laying in bed last night, thinking about you, and thinking I had not seen you on FB, and was getting a little worried.
I am so sorry about everything happening with the girl's, hopefully one day things will get all straightened with them. I never have figured out what all happened with Kiereney, other than no wedding.
I have been in a lot of pain lately and out of the loop with everything.
Please know that you and Roger are in my daily prayers.Y'all have a special spot in my heart for sure.
I so look forward to more blogs from you. I love reading blogs, but have been bad at writing mine.

God Bless~

Paxie said...

I saw you weren't on FB anymore and wondered if you were okay. I see now that you are hanging in there like the rest of us.

I keep planning on getting back to blogging but...who knows.

Will keep Michael in my prayers with you and Roger! I pray one day the girls will get, I don't know...settled down? It sure is always something :(

Take care Ness...

Alice said...

I am so glad you're back to blogging, Ness! I, too, have been lax...and while FB is easier you, blogging is my heart.

We're sending all our love to you. Please take care of yourself and Roger. If you need to run away - you know where we are. Come on.


Bindu said...

I was just jumping from blog to blog on blogger and found yours. Hope, Kelli will be feeling better. to me, FB is just to add your own updates. It takes a lot of effort to get reply. Hope, you will continue blogging.

Bindu said...

I was just jumping from blog to blog on blogger and found yours. Hope, Kelli will be feeling better. to me, FB is just to add your own updates. It takes a lot of effort to get reply. Hope, you will continue blogging.

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