23 April 2013


Yeah, this is me.
Granted the hair is waaaay shorter now both from cutting and hair loss from cancer treatment.
But that's's small potatoes.
I'm writing this post for a particular purpose with 2 examples:
You ignorant SPAMMERS just keep it up!
I REFUSE to make my friends have to go through a song and dance routine to comment on my blog.
But know this and know it deep...
I will spend my last breath on this Earth deleting your nonsensical, useless posts to this blog.
Cause this is MY blog and THESE are MY friends and you serve no earthly purpose on this Earth but taking up air space...
I am smarter than to tell you NOT to do it...
You weren't given the common sense God gave an earthworm to comply and know where you're NOT wanted.
So knock yourselves out.
I AM Dachsielver
(brushing spammer germs from hands)
Now to my second example.
For you on on Facebook, you know the last 2 months has been the struggle from Hell reconciling myself to the fact that Kathy no longer is available for phone calls, shopping, visits or hugs.
I determined this past weekend was going to be the line I was drawing to either succumb to it or rise past it because it was getting to that point...
And then I found this piece of writing on Facebook:

It sounds JUST like Kathy wrote it herself.
It made sense.
Especially when I remember God has given me almost 8 years of thyroid cancer remission not to shut off my life and mourn my best friend.
So I have decided to:

This is what Kathy would want me to do.
When I was first diagnosed, I told her she would outlive me.  I am a year older and with the cancer diagnosis that I have to get checked every November because it lies dormant in the body and I will always have a risk of going out of remission, I figured I'd beat her to the Pearly Gates.
So didn't happen.
God isn't ready for me yet and He may never be.
especially if I bring all my BELIEVE quotes and items with me...
So although I know I have only experienced Easter without her and managed to get through that, my birthday is coming up.  She without FAIL was the first person to call me on my birthday.  And I'm steeling myself that this isn't going to happen this year.
Nor will we go to the town parade Memorial Day weekend.
Or share her birthday.
Or Thanksgiving.
Or Christmas.
Or sending Michael off to deployment and receiving him home in July 2014.
Which begs the picture
This is Michael and Kathy a few minutes before we had to leave him to go home while he headed to Washington State to mobe up and deploy to the Sinai Pennisula from there.
There won't be any of these pictures at Ft. Benning, GA on 28 June.
Let me leave you with this:

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Debbie said...

Love ya, Ness!!!