10 July 2013

The Second Goodbye

Has it REALLY only been NINE days since I last hugged him at Ft. Benning?
1 August the year countdown begins.
He has deployed before, yes, but this time is different for all of us.
We knew this day would come.
We didn't know Kathy would die. 
The thought of Michael leaving from both his point of view and my point of view since
 Kathy died has jarred us both and goodbyes were very painful.
We did have our last meal before he deployed at Cracker Barrel, one of my favorite
places to eat.  It just seems so homey, like you're at your Grandma's house or
But I'm not the only Mom who has had a son deploy but hopefully I will be near the
last to do so.
So on the way home I formulated my How To Keep Ness Busy While Michael Is
Deployed plan. 
The first item was NOT on my list
The wreck.
We blew a front left tire on I 75 3 miles from I 24 in Tennessee and hit the guard rail.  I
felt the BUMP, swayed side to side as I held Colin who was harnessed into my
 seatbelt and saw us go across 3 lanes of traffic as Roger fought with the wheel to
keep us upright.  Next thing I knew we were on the right side of the road.
We had both Georgia County Police and Georgia State Police at our service in no
time flat.
We rode like criminals in the back of the state police car to a repair shop in Ringgold,
GA and Michael's insurance (of COURSE we were driving his car!) made
arrangements for a rental to take us back to IL.  I told them I wanted a SMALL
CAR...they claimed the only car available was a 2012 Chrysler S300 the size of a
cruise liner with keyless control.  Who KNEW you just jingled a remote box in front of
the panel button, pushed it and the car would start?
We made the rest of the trip home and I parked the cruise liner with the plan to return
it the next day.
No such luck.
Couldn't make them believe that I had my OWN truck to drive and when it was time to
go back and pick up Michael's car, I would rent another car and go and get it.  They
told me that I was too honest, that it was OK to rack up $40 a day on a car that was
parked in my driveway.
So me and the S300 have become friends although I feel like I'm driving the black
limo that our President rides in...
There is EXCITEMENT coming in the next least I hope so.
Continue to believe and if others are having trouble believing, help them to believe. 

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Debbie said...

Oh my goodness Ness! I am so glad, you, Roger and lil Colin are all ok. Enjoy riding in that fancy car. It's one of David's fantasy vehicles...LOL. So when do you get to go pick Michael's car up? I pray the count down to his return will go quickly and safely!!!
Can't wait for the good news!! You deserve only good things in life, my sweet friend!!
Love ya!
God Bless~