31 December 2013

2013 Wrap

Hi Friends if I still have any here...
2013 was not my primo year.
I limped along until July when Kelli and Jay got married but after that the Black Cloud arrived and I could not get motivated to blog.
The last holiday without Kathy will be NYE and NYD and after that, it's time to turn the page as she would want me to and has expressly TOLD me to do (long story but she came to me one day in the truck like she was there and told me come 1 January 2014 I was to close 2013 and get back to my regular blogging. 
You don't argue with an angel...
Trying to wrap up 2013 so I can start fresh on 1 January.
Michael is still in Saudi Arabia and they want to keep him a while longer.  Hardest thing I ever had to do was give my blessings on that.  So much has happened in 2013 healthwise with us and after Kathy's death, he did not want to be deployed for fear something would happen while he was gone.  So far, 6 months and all is well, meaning Michael hasn't had to be notified by the Red Cross to come home on emergency leave.  He makes his final decision to leave in July as scheduled or extend for 6 months in 2 weeks.  Then his National Guard Unit in VA has to approve the extension.  They may want him back in VA pronto.  After not being able to get a job since his last deployment in 2011 I can see the attraction to wanting to add to his savings.  I told God just to let His will be done.
Kelli's MS and the horrific place she was working got the best of her so she resigned a couple of weeks ago.  She worked in a Dr.s office for what started out to be 1 doctor and will shortly be 5 doctors doing the billing, phones, prescription calls, vitals and literally everything and the hospital that sponsors them said they couldn't afford to get her help.  Plus the Supr. and Asst. Supr are real witches and when the MS got so bad this month that she requested to take a leave they said she was 3 days short of being able to take one so she would be fired.  Not wanting to have that on her pristine working record, she resigned.  Her husband is a delight and they are so much in love.  They come over from St. Louis on Wed. and Sun. to Skype with Michael and eat with us. Michael is up for promotion to Captain if the government can stay working long enough to process the paperwork.
I have few words.
In and out and in and out of hospitals the last few months for spinal fluid building up in the brain and no one wants to do the shunt surgery to put the shunt back in that had to be jerked in Feb. due to infection when we almost lost her which was about 2 weeks before Kathy died.  She is in the hospital as we speak and they are evaluating with fresh eyes and trying to come up with a plan.  She was able to work until October before the Custard Shop closed for the season and plans to go back in April if this surgery can be done.  After 8 years of this condition, she wants resolution so she can have a life and I agree.
Roger is on 100% oxygen 24/7 now and basically all that could be done has been.  It will be a fight to the finish to see if the congestive heart failure or lung disease take him first.  We enjoy every day.
Finally got my Disability hearing in Dec. and will be 2 months before the judge makes her decision.  I was having the right side of my body go numb in Sept and my right eye feel like it was going to pop out so they did an MRI/MRA with contrast and found lesions on my brain so was referred to a neurologist at Barnes Jewish in St. Louis where my oncologist is.  Waiting on his test results although they found the left side of my body is weaker and I have lost most of my balance abilities on the left side.  Whatever will be, will be.
And Colin?  He is my complete joy.  I have recently taught him to sing/howl like Shania did and he did it on Skype yesterday.  Jake, Michael's cat, is alive and well.  Both will be 5 years old in 2014...seems like we just got them.  Kathy gave Michael Jake for his 2008 college graduation present.
That pretty much covers it.  I hope you have had a good 2013 and looking to catch up with you in 2014.


joanne said...

burning the candle for your 2014 to be the absolute best. Thank you my bloggy sistah for your support throughout the year, I love you dearly and can not wait until we finalize our 'plans.' Blessings to your entire family in the coming year and a huge THANK YOU to Michael for keeping me safe. love, ;j

Ness said...

Thank you my sweet Jojo! 2014 WILL be the year of the meeting of the Western Sistahs! Love you!

Debbie said...

Love you Ness and pray 2014 will be better for you. 2013 wasn't the best for us either, with health issues,money issues, etc. but we are both still here. I would love to hear your plans for meeting Jojo. I so would love to meet and see you both!!

Jan Dils said...

I hope 2014 comes around with a favorable decision from your disability hearing! It seems that you have a strong case, so here's hoping you can win to help you in these trying times.

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