25 January 2014


It's been one of THOSE weeks.  Woke up every morning and donned my fireman's gear to put out fires that were 3 alarm by noon every day.  But God had me in the palm of His hand and by yesterday God and I survived getting Kiereney back in the hospital in St. Louis, made inroads into getting her in the new ACA insurance, got my husband's 7 heart meds that he had been without for two weeks courtesy of a major screwup when his insurance changed companies and considered him ineligible (still screwed up but I was able to buy partial prescriptions at the noninsurance price...GROAN), made headway with my disability denial and got my son through 3 flights dealing with military meetings across the US.

Made good progress on organizing my desk, bills, planner and duplex.  
Made beef vegetable soup yesterday.
Reading a great inspirational book by Candace Cameron Burr(DJ on Full House).
Still doing our Bible reading daily.  In a year we will have read the entire Bible.  We bought the Bible that goes with the program and the side notes are so helpful and really makes you think.

The Depression Monster has extended his most unwelcome visit so every day is a winding road.

And I have THE BEST FB/BLOGGER SISTAHS IN THE WORLD.  They are so supportive and I love them with all my heart.



joanne said...

Yikes! You are not kidding about your week, I know, always something to take care of. I HOPE you are taking care of you too. love ya much.

Debbie said...

Don't we just hate that depression monster? It is poking his horrible self into my life also. It is so snowy, windy and cold that I have cabin fever also. Can not wait until warm weather, if it ever comes.
As I was reading your blog entry, I too was thinking, I hope Ness is taking care of Ness also!! Wish I lived closer so I could sneak and see!!! LOL..
I hope your life calms down soon. I love ya sistah!!!

Ness said...

I love the winter because I hurt less with fibromyalgia than in the summer. I think my depression stems from wanting to make an empty nest but just not possible at this time...afraid Roger 's time or mine is going to run out before we have our empty nest...need to BELIEVE more! Love and hugs.

Rakesh Singh said...
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Yikes! You are not kidding about your week, I know, always something to take care of. I HOPE you are taking care of you too. love ya much.


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