08 January 2014

Happy 2014!!!!!!!

Well better late than never... lol

And on the 4th day of 2014, we are having a snowstorm with up to 13 inches and below zero temps.

We are EXCITED!!!!!!!

Now down to my rules of 2014:

Word for 2014...Believe!

Motto...To everything there is a Season.

New Adventures for 2014

Keeping a new planner for 2014.  One stop shopping to have all important dates marked, addresses at my fingertips and having my life plan on Personal Planner.  Music to this OCDERS YEARS.

Also reading the ENTIRE Bible this year with a program that several of my friends are doing .

Freefeel renewed, refreshed and eager to get into 2014 and get into freeing myself.  I have taken off the chains and making a list of all I want to accomplish this year.  Life is SHORT!!!!  I have SO many friends I have to meet


joanne said...

what planner are you using?? I better be on that list lady!

Debbie said...

Me too, I better be on that list. I got your card and thanks so much! Meant the world to me!
What Bible reading program are you using?

Ness said...

Debbue and Joanne, you both made the top 2 on the list. If my post sounds weird I typed it on the Kindle and apparently it fills in words for me automatically. Debbie, I am using the one Laura posted on FB...I also ordered the Bible that goes with the program. We have a lot of catching up to do but we will do it. Keep me in your prayers....the youngest is driving me crazy. Love you both!

Steph said...

Hope you are having a wonderful new year!!! You are doing better than I am, I still haven't updated my blog yet!!

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