21 December 2007

Balderdash Update

The short of it? He was sent to the hospital for a STAT chest x-ray and 4 hours later(so much for a STAT x-ray)found to have pneumonia in the left lung and given his third round of antibiotics in as many weeks. This doesn't count the IV antibiotics he got during both hospitalizations. And the pneumonia has been there since the first hospitalization Nov. 23. Oh-wait--the 1st week it was pneumonia, the 2nd week it was bronchitis and now the 3rd week we're back to pneumonia. And of course, congestive heart failure thrown in for effect. Make up my mind even! Grrr....

And the kicker? They scheduled his recheck for MARCH 2008!!!!

So here he lays, on the couch and I am in the recliner as frustrated as hell. I think he feels too bad to challenge the doctor. Or he's being male. At any rate, I'm ready to bite ten penny nails in two! This SO isn't OVER!

On the upside, my almost-2nd-Lieutenant is in the kitchen cranking out more chocolate chip cookies and doing his utmost to make his mom smile.

And the cherry on top of this cheery Friday sundae? Just got an email that my transcription company lost a major contract and of COURSE it's the contract I work on so who knows what 2008 will bring?

Keep on swimming, keep on swimming.

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Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Damn, just reading this today? Why the hell is his recheck in March? I hop you aren't going to stand for that....

If it makes you feel any better, my program is contract based and we are currently fighting for survival. 2008 may be the end of my 9 year run at this non-profit.

Maybe we can go into business together? :-)