16 December 2007

Check List

Up, dressed and took dachsies out to greet our 6 inches of snow and marveled at the beauty of it while the dachsies grumbled, froze and did their thing--CHECK

Grabbed the paper for all the apartments and delivered to their doors. No sense in everyone going out and messing up my pretty snow with their footprints--CHECK

Lit my Yankee Candle Pine and Balsam candle and lit the 3 candles on the Advent wreath--CHECK

Logged on my computer and checked WWOW for the Airman Shmoopy Verse of the Day and lustily sang it to the dachsies as I alternately used Kleenexes after reading WWOW blog for today--CHECK

Doing my Sunday blog---ALMOST CHECK

Getting ready to snuggle down in a 2 dachshund recliner with coffee and papers--CHECK.

I wish all my dear blog friends a content and peaceful Sunday as we approach the last week before Christmas. Keep a smile on your face and a song in your heart. And thank you all for just being you---no one is a better you than you.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Read dachshundstrong to find out about Ness and doxie crew - CHECK

Smile at thought of Ness and crew singing Twelve Days of Shmoopy - CHECK

PROFUSELY THANK NESS for blogging in a timely fashion - CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!!


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Hello! Thank you for coming by our blog. We have added you to our Bloglines account so we will know when you make new entries. We love reading about dachsies and dachsie antics!

We, of course, really like that you are Dachshund Strong!
Our g-ma has fribromyalgia and she is always tired. Mom makes us be quiet around her ... we are a "little" energetic.
Mom married a marine when he was a 2Lt so she gets that part too. Even though she isn't married to him anymore, mom still supports the military and all they do.
Mom only has us furkids but she does has 4 human nephews and a niece and she says she was a kid once but we don't know if we believe her.

Anyway, we will be back to visit. We have to do something today so we will have something to post. Maybe Mom will put up the Christmas tree ... it is for us since she decorates it with doggie toys. Come see the picture later today!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy