26 December 2007

Christmas Wrap

Thought pictures with my narratives would make for a good Christmas Wrap--my FIRST in BloggerLand! Enjoy!

Molly, the resident non-dachshund, is spending her first Christmas with us and wants to give a shout out to Grandma's(that would be Ness-me) blogger friends with greetings of the season. Molly, Katie, Brandy and Macon were all rescued dogs now in their forever homes. Shania hails from Beaver Falls, PA where she was bought with the king's ransom as a puppy and our very first dachshund.
Macon and her human Michael says Merry Christmas and WHERE is my Christmas dinner?

Katie says Merry Christmas without her human who was listening to her new Brittney Spears CD...

Shania and Michael say Merry Christmas.

Brandy and her human Kelli say Merry Christmas!

It deserved having another picture. I want my ENTIRE 15 minutes of fame. Notice that the tye-dyed chick to the right(that would be me) is in great awe of The Quilt. It was also a mental moment of No, you can't have it--I'm taking it back--you won't appreciate all the work that went into it. My name is Ness and I beat the mental moment and let Kelli keep her quilt.

Kelli with my 19th Nervous Breakdown aka the blessed quilt(my first). Would you believe I WRAPPED it and forgot to take pics so DH got this one for me when she opened it. Her first mistake was the words, "Oh, I like my new BLANKET!" BLANKET? Nope, a QUILT! Respect and revere the quilt. I have a lot of blood, hot flashes and tears in that baby.

This is Cade(1) and Carter(2), my BFF's great-nephews that she is raising. They were a hoot and brought back the good memories of when my children were that age. They also got more toys than FAO Schwartz! I hear a room will have to be built onto BFF Kathy's house to accommodate....

Michael and his paternal grandparents at the Christmas Eve buffet the kids hosted. Grandpa was Michael's inspiration for joining the Army. Grandpa lost his brother to World War I. Michael wanted to carry on family tradition in the military.

Our table centerpiece crafted by Oldest, Middle and Youngest with only minimal dosage of Prozac by their mother. No humans were injured in the making of this gingerbread house. Thanks be to God.

Macon, me and Shania after spending the day baking, running to the store, cooking, running to the store, visiting my family at the cemetery, running to the store, waiting for the Christmas Eve buffet to begin, NOT going to the store.

A wonderful time was had by all! My highlight? Finally making it to Midnight Mass since the cancer monster moved in to my neighborhood. The homily was soul-stirring and the music sounded like the Morman Tabernacle. Coming out of Mass listening to the bells in the church tower ringing was just a Kodak moment and then some. We arrived back home last night as Roger had to work today. The jury's still out on if he's improving but the last of the kick-tush antibiotics was yesterday so we'll see if it has the pneumonia on the run.

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Wonderful World of Weiners said...

The quilt (not blanket) is gorgeous. ANd all the babies (furry and human alike) look like they were in a very festive mood. Love you putting so many pics on her! It's nice to see your whole family!

Those 2 little boys are adorable. :-)

Merry Day After Xmas, Ness!!