10 December 2007

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to work we go!

Yes, DH is returning to the bosom of his Anthem family after goofing off last week in the hospital with bronchitis/congestive heart failure. Go ahead-ask me what he does at Anthem. Do I see one brave hand go up in the crowd? You-in the Christmas sweater and earmuffs. What does he do? Well, um, er, yeah, he is a computer programmer/data base administrator. He makes the computer system happy and in turn they allow him to stay.

And since he is out of the hospital and back to work, tis time for me to go back as well. What do I do? Anyone? You in the Christmas sweater and earmuffs. I am a medical transcriptionist who works from home. When you go to the ER, I'm the girl who types up your report so a copy can get to your doctor's office. When you have that specialist come and see you in the hospital to figure out why you feel like last week's hash, I type that up, too. I do consults, hospital admissions and discharges, op reports, psych reports--I am da girl! Before this, I worked as an ER registrar at St. Mary's in Richmond, VA. Loved.That.Job. Excitement around every corner. Especially working midnights. Before that I was an admissions/records officer at SIU-C. Before that, I went to nursing school and became an LPN but before I could get active in that Child #2 dropped his calling card and nine months later, not to be outdone by her brother, Child #3 dropped her calling card. And before that, I worked at EDS for Ross Perot doing Medicare Part B allowances. Loved to crunch those numbers! And then before that, my working career started out being a typist for the local Dodge car dealer. Somewhere after I started working at SIU, I managed to snag my BSED in Educational Training and Development. You see, I was on the 21 year college program. Started at 18 and finished at 39. And lived to tell it.

Let's see....I promised one more story from yesterday. That situation about me being an only child yet when I had my first child, she wasn't my father's first grandchild? You see, at the funeral home wake for my mother, these 3 girls(I was 13 at the time and they were waaay older, like 30 or so) were hanging all over my dad. Literally. I marched up to my aunt and inquired why these floozies(I didn't even knew I knew that word at the time) were doing all over my dad at my mother's funeral. Didn't get anything but a pat on the head from Auntie. Later that night, dad came clean and said he had been married before, had 3 daughters and his oldest grandchild was 19 days younger than ME! I was CRUSHED! I thought I had the corner market on being daddy's little girl. But wait...I always wanted sisters so this could work. We buried Mom in April 1968 and by November 1968 his other daughters had managed to lasso Cupid and got their mom and dad back together and remarried to each other. This is where I'm supposed to say we lived happily ever after, but so not the case. They had been apart long enough to develop their own set ways and divorced for the 2nd time in 1971. 2 of his daughters are deceased and the remaining one has Alzheimer's. Dad died from Alzheimer's in 2001. So that's why my first child was not my father's first grandchild.

Hope everyone's Monday is bearable. We'll reconvene for drink of choice and consoling after work today.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

God...some stories just don't end in a neat and tidy package, do they? I can't imagine finding that out like you did.

Glad to hear your hubby is back to work. Please tell him to take care of himself - congestive heart failure is no joke. My Dad suffered from it for years, had several heart attaks, 2 triple bypass surgies, 1 quadruple bypass surgery AND a eventually a heart transplant.

Tell him to really, really watch himself and pay attention to how he feels - or I'll come kick his butt!! (maybe we'll pass each other as you're on your way to kick CJ's butt!)


Catty Ax Lady said...

Well good grief. What a way to discover long-lost family members. You seem to have turned out okay though, so no harm done.

I think we might be on the same college plan. You're telling me I have 10 years to go...beautiful. *insert eye rolley thingie here* ;)

I'm glad your hubby is up and about now. He works for Anthem, like the Anthem insurance that I deal with day in and day out? Nifty!

One Scrappy Gal said...

I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog today. I'd love to learn more about the metal test so if you want to put me in touch with your daughter via e-mail, that'd be great. :) Glad to hear your grandson is doing so well. We have our developmental pediatrician appt on January 28th and will learn more then. P.S. Will keep my eyes open for nativity scenes at those stores. :)