09 December 2007

Sunday Potpourri

So much for the best laid plans of Ness...I'm sailing yesterday through a sea of quilt on the ole Singer with Christmas music in the background. I am in the home stretch--about 10 inches left of the final seam for the top and SNAP-MY NEEDLE BROKE! Well, no problem, just whip out that spare you always keep....usually keep...didn't replace after you whipped it out for the last needle disaster. OK, so hop in the vehicle and run to the store and get another one(and REMEMBER TO BUY 2 SO THE NEXT TIME THIS HAPPENS YOU DON'T HAVE TO RUN TO THE STORE!!!) Well, my car is 2 hours south of here in the hands of my daughters. You see, they just moved back to Illinois from Virginia and their car majorly died and has been donated to charity. So since they need jobs and Mom works from home(more on that later) and is on a bus line and a mile from the Metro train, we can borrow hers until we get jobs and can get us another car....did I forget to mention they moved back to Illinois in AUGUST and this is DECEMBER?!?!?!? Anyway, I just shut down my Singer and will hoof it to the store this week in pursuit of needles and batting and material for the backing.

But the rest of Saturday was great. We had rumaki(chicken livers wrapped in bacon and brown sugar and baked in the oven) and a to-die for pumpkin praline torte(I could probably be coerced for the recipe). I hang my head in shame when I admit this, but Roger and I have NEVER watched The Polar Express before until Saturday night! TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I DO BELIEVE!

Which brings us to Sunday. It's gray and threats of ice storms loom about us. Just finished the Sunday papers and finishing the 2nd cup of coffee. And deciding that I need to share more about me. It might explain my off-the-wall posts. Or not.

1. I met #2 DH on the Internet in 1993...he was in Buffalo and I was in Southern Illinois. We are one of the success stories, having married in 1995 and living happily ever after. He is also 18 years my senior(I just heard that loud, audible GASP in Bloggerland! lol)

2. My pedigree reads more like the New England Journal of Medicine...fibromyalgia, reactive depression, panic disorder, polycystic ovarian disease, thyroid cancer and anal retentive-obsessive compulsive! Luckily for you and me, Walgreens keeps me in meds to keep me in good working order without the use of a tranquilizer gun.

3. I have always been a dog person. My dad raised boxer puppies and I learned to walk holding on to one of them. Through the years I have shared a home with boxers, collies, poodles, golden retrievers and dachshunds. I like dogs better than I do most people(present readers excepted)

4. My mom died from a stroke(thank you Pal Mall cigarettes and Falstaff beer) 3 weeks before my 14th birthday. I was an only child. She wore Estee' Lauder Youth Dew perfume(I bought some so I could have her with me at all times-I don't wear it, just sniff it) and was a whole 4'1" tall and weighed 90 pounds full term with me. She wore a child's size 14 slacks. And she apparently was really stingy about sharing her svelte, petite genes with me because I took after my Dad's side and svelte and petite are not words used on that side of the family. More like majorly wholesome.

5. I grew up watching Lawrence Welk with my dad and to my horror of horrors, he made me learn to play an accordion and MORE IMPORTANT I was good at it and won trophies! I wanted to play piano, but he wasn't having it. I was the first and only kid in my block, my city, my state and my country that played an accordion. When he wasn't looking, I turned the accordion around, put my toes in the hand strap and would play it like a piano. Amazingly after I married for the first time and moved, the accordion disappeared...who could forget to take a honking big case holding an accordion? Like the pink elephant in the middle of the room. May it rest in peace with whomever inherited it. Luckily Dad never asked about it because I was busy in a few months presenting his not-first grandchild(another story for another time) and she distracted him. And when SHE wanted to play the piano and take lessons, he thought that was the best idea since sliced bread! SO.NOT.FAIR.

And although there are other things you should know, we'll leave it at 5--for now. You need a reason to come back.

Enjoy your Sunday to the highest!

Off to see if WWOW has the 3rd verse of the Shmoopy Christmas Song up yet...

Thanks for stopping by!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Ok, I already loved you before this post but now I think you are the BEE'S KNEE'S (what the hell does that mean and where the hell did I hear it?) I'm only 37 for pete's sake! (and Pete is who?) Ok.... The I've never known ANYONE who plays. WOW...again :-)

The WAYYYYYYY older hubby. YOU GO GIRL!!! Or More like, YOU GO DH for getting a hot younger chick!!

And your health issues? No prob - I still like you. AND I love that you are obsessive/compulsive. I haven't been diagnosed with anything - I'm boring. Although I do suffer from MINIMALISMITIS - if it's not stapled down or attached to your body, it runs the risk of getting thrown out. Poor John STILL doesn't know what I did with half his crap!!! And the number of Legos I through out over the years could build a small third world country!!!

"Hi, my name is Hallie and I'm a MINIMALIST. HI, HALLIE!""

Catty Ax Lady said...

Shut the front door, how could I have missed this??? Ness, you cool chica you, You had a blog for 3 days and neglected to tell me about it?!?! Sheesh ;)

Yeah, accordian. That's one of the odest things I've ever known about you, but I don't know a that's okay. And I still like you, so that's more okay.

Uhm, can you give me over-the-blog lessons on how to use my sewing machine? I don't even know what kind it is, as it was given to me before someone else threw it out (I'm sorry, why did they think I'd want it?) I used to sew with my mom's machine, but that was light years ago and I have long-term memory loss.

Are your trees as pretty as ours are here? I think that now, but I have to go pick BBM up from the airport in about 20 minutes...I'll get back to you on how "pretty" everything is as I slide around the roads in my grand caravan.

Oh! And I'm totally linking you onto my blog. And BBG is 10 years older than me. And the first time we attempted to watch Polar Express was the year it came out, in the theater, and my youngest threw up all over me (of course). I didn't see it all the way through until last year.

Ness said...

Hallie, you make me smile. I couldn't be called a hot, young, chick even if I was snatched from the henhouse at 1 hour old and plopped into a Crisco-laden cast iron skillet! And don't think you have the corner market on that minimalist trait! After living here in the apartment for almost 2 years, I just recently hung pictures on my walls and -gasp- put something on my coffee table because my BFK(Best Friend Kathy--we know too much on each other to be anything BUT best friends! lol) threatened to take over my apartment and she is a Charter Member of Home Interiors Anonymous...there is no room for dust on her walls as too many things are hanging on them--even in the bathroom!

Catty Ax, our ice storm has not materialized. Just plain rain and ugly trees. Hope all goes well on your drive to pick up The Man. And sure enough, first sewing blog said machine on a table(working on the floor just plain blows and for my first witnesses, I call my oh-so-numb-legs)if it is a portable like mine(if not, open up the cabinet in which it hides and bring it to the forefront) and plug it in. Lesson 2 will be tomorrow...