08 December 2007

Is it safe to come out yet?

I didn't hear on the news this morning about Blogger blowing up so guess my entrance into blogging yesterday didn't cause too many major problems. I added some pictures of the kids but need to get some pics of the dachsies up as they were majorly peeved(as only dachsies can get peeved and that's to the max!) that they weren't includen on the maiden blogging voyage.

We're having a low-keyed Saturday-staying in to allow Roger to recover from his hospitalization as he INSISTS he's going back to work Monday(MEN-THE EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD OR WHATEVER THE NEXT NUMBER OF WONDER OF THE WORLD IS). He is making crepes for breakfast(did I mention he loves to cook, bake and knit and is as cute as Sean Connery?) and rumaki and hot wings for supper(he hails from Buffalo, the hot wing pros). I am doing my first quilt and my mother and grandmother are gyrating in their graves as I am not hand piecing it or hand quilting it. My Eldest wanted a quilt so it should be done by Christmas. I bought a rotary cutter and my first order of business was slicing the tip of my thumb off. Moving right along, I strip pieced the quilt and sewed it on the trusty Singer. I will post a pic when it is done. That will pretty much take up my afternoon. If I pull this off, it will take me less time to birth my first quilt than it did to birth the Eldest.

I'm putting Roger through a chick flick at 6 on Lifetime called The Christmas Wedding(I'm a sucker for weddings) and then we're gonna hunker down and watch The Polar Express for the first time ever. It got the 2 Thumbs Up from my favorite almost-3-year-old buddy named Carter(great nephew of my best friend Kathy, but probably he and his 1-year-old brother Cade are the closest I'll ever get to human grandchildren--I have 3 granddachsies and 1 grandlab and 2 grandcats although, at the risk of inciting a riot, I am NOT a cat person, but I subscribe to live-and-let-live EXCEPT when it comes to snakes, mice and rats(Hallie, your snake is safe as long as it stays with you in the Northeast). My detestment(is that a word?) of snakes is a post all its own and for another time.

Enjoy your Saturday and make every moment count, for when you think about it, a moment is all we have.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Great first "long" blog. You have the gift!!

I'm impressed with your plan for the day. Mine is not quite as industriuos - actually, mine involves sitting on my tooshie and bugging Connor.

Not sure what time DAY 3 of SHMOOPY will come tomorrow - need to call CJ later and ask him to get going on the 3 thing pic!! I think he'll do it - he seemed game!!

I had no idea you were snake phobic. Nows probably as good a time as any to tell you that we also have MICE in our freezer. MICE ON ICE - food for Mr. Snakey!!!

When will you be over??? :-)


Ness said...

I'll save my other phobias in my next blog with a working title of My Care and Feeding Manual.

But first...a question.

Is there a way to add my blog address to my posts on other blogs like you did mine or do you just type that on every blog you post to?

Will I ever get the hang of blogging?

Anonymous said...

hey ness! thanks for the visit! keep on bloggin'! :)

love the wiener dog picture!

dlyn said...

Hi Ness - thanks for your comments on my blog and I will be keeping an eye on what is going on over here!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

There may be a way to set your "signature line" but I haven't figured it out. I just type it after - pain in the butt but I'm getting faster at it - of course, it's my damn fault that I picked the world's longest blog name!

No one told me shorter is better!