18 December 2007

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

1. My hero aka son Michael walked into the apartment door about 10 Monday morning and I almost challenged the character of Happy Feet as I went into my Happy Mom gyrations. I made him breakfast, he took me shopping to get the quilt batting and groceries and we went to Mickey Dee's for lunch. He is so pleasant and funny to be around. I am especially enjoying this Christmas with him as I fear that next Christmas he will be across the ocean serving his country in a war I truly don't believe in.

2. AFC Shmoopy will be in the bosom of his family very soon, but of course, not soon enough. It's those Kodak moments that add to the glory and miracle of Christmas.

3. The quilt should be completely, forever and ever Amen done by Thursday morning.

4. Let the cookie baking begin today! Michael and I are making Christmas cut out sugar cookies and icing them. This is a tradition that was started in 2005. I received my first radioactive iodine treatment for thyroid cancer on the day Michael came back to Virginia for Christmas break. I hadn't seen him in several months but had to stay in isolation away from him. We had plans when he got home to make cookies. The day I got to come home from isolation I was so weak I could barely move and Michael baked the cookies all by himself and the next day I helped him ice them. He would move Heaven and Earth to bring a smile to his mom's face and the beauty of it is that it doesn't take a holiday for him to do so...he does it every single day.

5. The dachshunds are being more cute and adorable, if that's possible. They now have gone from being content in their beanbag on the floor to needing to be recliner whores and whenever I get in my recliner, they are immediately there to be lifted up. If I get out of the recliner, they immediately move to the middle of it and then when I come back, they look up as if to say, "You wouldn't move a couple of cute Dachsies, would ya?" So I have to pick them up, sit down and install one on my left and one in my lap. And Captain and Tenille thought Muskrat Love was the end-all-be-all....I'll put Dachsie Love up to it any time.

Have a wonderful 7-days-til-Christmas day and enjoy every moment and take time for YOU.

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Wonderful World of Weiners said...

When should I expect to receive my Michael baked cookies? I love cookies made by military men! (well, I suspect I would!)

Your doxies are adorable - glad to hear that mine aren't the only "seat whores" areound. Chauncey and Fenway REALLY LIKE THEM SOME COUCH/RECLINER/ANYTHING THAT YOU'D LIKE TO SIT ON!

After all, didn't we buy all this nice furniture FOR THEM??