29 December 2007

I've Been Memed by Hallie at WWOW

to provide 7 random things about me...

1. I was named after Vanessa Sterling of the soap Love of Life that my mother religiously watched in the 50's. Mom and I really needed to talk that over before she dubbed me with that name. Teachers couldn't pronounce it or spell it until the end of the year when it was time to train the next teacher.

2. Two of my children(Kelli and Michael) were named after my first boyfriend(in 2nd grade) and a neighborhood friend we lost to leukemia my 6th grade year. Kiereney Jo was named in the 11th hour because all ultrasounds, heart rates, etc. said we were having a boy so she was to be named David Christopher. I had been helping my brother-in-law work on his Irish family tree and I think I saw too many counties beginning with a K so in a pinch I named her Kiereney.

3. My favorite sandwiches as a child were ketchup sandwiches and green bean sandwiches with ketchup(noticing a theme here?)

4. I hated dolls as a child! All I wanted to do was play football. Of course, it probably had nothing to do with the fact that I was the ONLY girl in a neighborhood of boys.

5. I am a match freak! Everything has to match/coordinate be it furnishings, childrens clothing, my clothing. I have earned the title in the family of Match Freak but it's darned funny how many family and close friends will consult me to see if something matches...

6. If my Fairy Godmother ever darkens my door, I want a 65 Mustang in powder blue. Fell in love with Mustangs when my dance teacher(yes, I took tap and ballet for 6 years) bought one and I got to ride in it. It had the shifter ON THE FLOOR and it was AUTOMATIC! Maybe fire engine red instead of powder blue. Or maybe...

7. Tie Dyed! I LOVE Tie Dyed things. And rainbows. My kids won't go out in public with me when I wear one of my tie dyed shirts complete with colored hoop earrings and my red Crocs.

Now, Hallie, aren't you sorry you memed me? Lol


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Not sorry at all - your list is great!! The ketchup and green bean thing is gross but love the list anyway!!


Philip. said...

Wishing you all the best for 2008 and a Happy New Year.


Karen said...

Hey there...I happened across your blog. As an Army wife, I have to say Go Army!! Thanks for letting me peek into your life a bit!

Catty Ax Lady said...

Tye dye and ketchup/green beans.


:) Just kidding hon...what a freat little view into your world!