30 December 2007

Sacreligious Sunday

or some may see it that way, but I have a request.

If you pray, chant, think good thoughts, or any other means of requesting favors, please keep my Dell Inspiron B130 on your minds. Something is wrong with the power cord socket and it won't stay on very long. This computer is my lifeline(next to God). I use it to work, socialize and keep up with the world. It is my biggest recliner resource(and with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, I chalk up a lot of recliner miles). I need to find a reliable computer place(without a gun to hold me up in the cost department) to fix it and I know of no one. If anyone has had good repair results with a chain place(Best Buy, etc) that might be in my area(I'm 16 miles east of St. Louis) please leave me a comment. Thanks-you're all the best!

In other news, the Middle went and picked up the Youngest and brought her up here for a few days, leaving the Eldest at their house. Math wasn't my strongest suit, but Middle + Eldest + Youngest=Disaster when they're all at my apartment. So my BFF and I have determined that from now on, Eldest and Middle can't be together at our apartment for an overnight since they seem to feed off each other and make me and DH absolutely straight-jacket material. I know that part of it is our ages and medical conditions but most of it is their disrespect of each other--constantly snipping, sniping and whatever that leads to non-harmonious living conditions for the rest of us. So far, Middle + Youngest=Peace. So mote it be.

So, let me in on your New Year's Eve plans. I think ours will involve foods like Lil Smokies wrapped in bacon and broiled with brown sugar, some type of main course and making S'mores for dessert. May make bourbon slush since Middle and Youngest are now legal to imbibe. Hoping to make it until Midnight. May watch movies or who knows-may see if they're doing anything under the Arch in St. Louis like fireworks and take the Metro over there.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Not sure where you can get the computer fixed but I promise to pray like crazy that it doesnt die on you.

The dogtag's came from:
My Mom said the guy she talked to/ordered from was great to work with.

Something for Shmoopy? Aren't you nice... He can't have anything mailed to him for about 1 month - while he is at Survival school he won't get mail. You can either send it here and I will include it in the first box we send to him once he is at his permanent base in Pensacola or you can wait until he gives me his Pensacola address. Up to you - if you want to send it here, let me know and I will send you our address!

The cake was fun to make but I don't think Martha Stewart will be knocking down my door anytime soon (unless it's to take away my spatula!)


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

OOOHHHH - I LIKE Harried Hallie (although I hope people dont think that means I have a freakish amount of body hair!)