15 December 2007

Ode to Hallie aka WWOW

Hallie was the encouragement behind me starting to blog. I found we had a lot in common---dachshunds, military sons, Coke freaks(although mine is Cherry and hers is DC) and CaringBridge. Plus my 10 y/o stepgrandson is named Connor. :-)

So it follows suit that if you enjoy someone's blog(WWOW), you check out to see whose blogs THEY follow. In doing so this morning, I came across the most incredible blogger named Debbie who also shares the life-changing disease of fibromyalgia. Her posts on her blogs totally touched me and brought me out of my fibro-flare-funk(depression, fatigue and constant pain are only3 of the myriad of symptoms this condition brings on. I think fibro and cancer should be banned from this earth as 2 of the many horrific illnesses with Alzheimer's(God rest my father) a close third)

But I digress...

Thanks Hallie for being such a wonderful blogger friend. (hugs)You picked me up at a time I needed it most.

Upward and onward.

And yes, I will have to comment on dachshund contests posts, Hallie. I just won't get hung up on the competition part. Lesson learned. And who knows? I just might find myself winning!

Watching it snow(this paltry 2 inches on the ground is an embarrassment as my stepchildren in Buffalo are getting slammed and the year I lived there, we had 93 inches fall during the season) and with new Singer needles, getting ready to go sew on the quilt. What a bummer to find out yesterday that Wal Mart DISCONTINUED THEIR MATERIAL DEPARTMENT so I have to hope I have enough material from the top to do the back. If not, I'll be at JoAnn's losing my mind to find coordinating material.

Hopefully the weather will not keep Michael from coming up tomorrow. I need my ray of sonshine.

Have a great Saturday!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I am ver happy that I forced you to start this blog. It really, REALLY makes me smile. Now, if you'd just consider being more prompt with your entries, my life would be damn near perfect!

Btw, I am going to laugh my butt off if you inadvertently win a NAME THAT WIENER OR SHMOOPS pic - wouldn't that be funny!


Debra w said...

Hi Ness,

I am stopping by after reading your comments on my blog, and what do I find, but your very, very kind words here, on your blog, as well! I am truly touched. Thank you. It is reassuring to know that I was able to make you feel a bit better. I am so sorry that you are going through a flare. This time of year tends to bring on bad spells for those of us who live with these illnesses. It really stinks because we should be able to enjoy the time, like everyone else, but our bodies are different. Remember to pace yourself.

You mentioned Caringbridge, and I have many, many friends from there! It began with my dear friend's little boy, Jack. He was two years old and diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. It was a horrible time for everyone. He suffered through chemo, radiation, and then two transplants. He was not supposed to live. He is now six years old and cancer-free! He does have some permanent damage, but he is a happy little boy who goes to school. There are others like Andrew, Molly, and Big Jack who I have known personally too. Kendrie, Angel Hayley, and Angel Keith are other children I have come to know via Caringbridge. I am sure that we know some children in common. God bless you for leaving supportive notes in the guestbooks of so many. You are an angel to those families!

Your children are lovely! You must be so proud of your son! I will add him to my prayers! I have a dear friend who spent a year in Iraq. She is the mother of three, but she is a high ranking officer, so they sent her over there to manage 50 troops. She just got home a couple of months ago, and she is so grateful to be back! Your son is truly a blessing to our country.

Hallie and I met because of a funny Doxie picture that I had on my site. I guess that we all love dogs, too! I have one dog(our other big guy passed away six months ago:( 5 cats, and 3 birds. Quite a houseful! Your pups are precious! My dad and his wife have always had Doxies, and so I am very familiar with the breed. They are funny little clowns!

Well, Ness, I have written you a novel, so I will stop now. I will keep you in my prayers. I understand what life is like when you must live with all of these chronic illnesses. Instead of one day at a time, we must live one hour at a time.

Take good care, and thank you again for your very kind words.