14 December 2007

Christmas Temperature

I've been taking my Christmas Temperature this morning.

It started when I was reading the paper. The retailers are stepping up the ads--now you can get xx% off this weekend, Christmas is almost here, etc. 1st temperature reading--am I ad nauseum about seeing Christmas ads? Of my daily paper now being the size of my Sunday paper with the additional Christmas ads? I'm OK with the ads. But why, child? Christmas has been in the stores since the first of school, your TV has been full of adds and the dachsies can't even bring in the newspaper anymore because it's so weighted down with Christmas rhetoric(note-these dachsies never brought in the paper anyway. That would require going up 3 flights of steps and frankly, it's not in their contract) Lack in funding due to helping the daughters out when they moved put a crimp in my list but that's OK. They got the help when they needed it and the cold hard reality is that the money tree they obviously thought I had hidden all these years just isn't in existence. So I've pared down the list considerably this year, did a little Internet shopping and very satisfied with not having to buy out the paper mills to wrap all the presents from Christmas Pasts. Christmas Advertising/Present temperature normal.

But what about all the decorations that are lining every house around you? Looks like KMart or Wal Mart Christmas Decor shop threw up in the front yards, doesn't it? Not to me. Because of DH beineg in the hospital twice after Thanksgiving, I didn't put a tree up. I have a jingle bell tree on my coffee table and wrapped presents are under the coffee table. So this year, I'm enjoying the fruits of the labor of the neighborhoods around me. Nothing says Christmas like taking a leisurely stroll at night around the neighborhood with your love at your side and a mug of coffee in your hand oohing and aahing at the decorations. I'm really enjoying the simplicity of the season. I have a Yankee Candle in Evergreen scent that we light every night in our living room and as I gaze out our living room window from the 2nd story and view the lights below, all is calm, all is bright. Christmas Decoration temperature normal.

Aren't you buried by the "Christmas Traditions" that you've been doing for years and years? The ones that came over on Christopher Columbus's boat with your grandmother and all those other relatives? You have to send out Christmas cards, bake cookies, buy the perfect wrapping paper, handmake those present bows, etc? Don't you fell the pressure to get it all done?
In a word, no. The beauty of it for me is that the traditions aren't pressures, they are part of the beauty of the Christmas season. DH and I sat down one Sunday morning when the weather outside was frightful with Christmas music playing, a carafe of coffee between us and did our Christmas cards. I even found Christmas cards in military style that honored our troops(Go Michael and CJ!!!) As far as wrapping the presents, I found a great deal on wrapping paper at Walgreens when I was picking up our Jethro-sized prescription orders and came home to find I had left over old fashioned curling ribbon so I grabbed those scissor and began tying ribbons around packages and curling that ribbon just like my mom used to. I'll put my wrapped presents up against Martha Stewart's any ole day. Michael(my hero--the ROTC/National Guard son that graduates in May)finished up finals yesterday and will be here Sunday for a week where we will make cookies for the family and make great memories that will sustain me should he have to make his way to Iraq or wherever he is needed and not be with me next Christmas. So my Christmas Traditions temperature is normal as well.

I think this is the first year I've ever had normal Christmas temperatures and I hope it's not the last. I purposed waaay before the season began that I was going to do what I enjoyed and enjoy every moment of it, take time for the little things that make my heart happy and remember the Reason for the Season. May your Christmas Season be all that you want it to be.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Glad you are finding ways to remain calm and at peace during this crazy holiday season.

Of course as a self proclaimed Christmas whore, I"M FREAKIN LOVING EVERYTHING YOU JUST COMPLAINED ABOUT!!

On Christmas tree, on wrapping paper, on advertisements and cookies! On curly ribbon, on shopping, on Christmas lights and carols!

To the top of the mall, to the top of the tree, dash away, dash away, don't get there before me!!


kimmy said...

I have to agree with Hallie! I can't get enough of Christmas. I just finished wrapping all the kids presents and I actually enjoyed myself! Not many Christmas lights in my fact, it's just little 'ol me!


Ness said...

Wow,if my post came off as complaining, I totally missed the mark-sorry. I'm not complaining-I'm enjoying it-in my way. More power to the Christmas whores. I like it that you are whole heartedly enjoying it because you're doing it because you WANT to. That was my point that I really missed the mark on. People who feel they have to do it, complain the whole time, etc. are the ones who get me down. Those who have the energy, time and means and enjoy doing it, I think it's wonderful. Maybe I'm just showing my age and health status and that's depressing to me. Thanks for your comments. I'm going to look for my nursing home now...

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Do you mean to tell me that if I post a really fabulous wiener pic, you won't even TRY to name it? Just for the fun of it? (what kind of wiener Mom are you?) If not for yourslef, do it to honor your wieners...(after all, they've been singing the 12 days of shmoopy just to humor YOU!)

You were born to blog so you can just end the pity party you're having over there.

If anything, the only complaint I have about your blog is that you don't update it fast enough. I HATE when I got to dachshundstrong and see the same entry!! (hence why I am currently commenting on an old blog - there ain't a new one for me to work with!)


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

And another thing...if you weren't born to blog would 7 out of 10 wieners recommend your blog?

I think not!!