12 December 2007

The Wednesday Word

is bloggeritis.

The way I see it is not so much being consumed of posting to my blog or that of others(although it's not a day unless I have done a daily update and commented on my friends' blogs. I'm just social and sincere like that. Gotta love me!)

My major symptom of bloggeritis is going to someone's blog, looking at the list of blogs that THEY follow, find a blog title that peaks my interest and reading at that blog. Then I do the same thing and look at the list of blogs on that blog site, choose another one that interests me(catchy names pull me in every time or any title that has to do with dachshunds). Before I know it I have wandered so far from the original blog I almost need a GPS device to get back to where I was. And then I get hooked on the blog site but do I remember to write it down or bookmark it? Nope. So then I become obsessed with tracking down that blog to see if they had the baby or their pie turned out OK or they finished their shopping or their mother made it through the surgery. You get the idea.

I seriously may have to give up reading normal books for blogs. You people are so interesting! I walk away(more like crawl) from a blogging session feeling like I have just read the entire set of encyclopedias(Any of the more mature of our audience remember Jimmy Cricket singing the ditty on how to spell encyclopedia? Guess not....) with all the tips, knowledge, heart-warming stories, etc. that I have gained.

And then a small, appreciative tear comes to my eye that people take the time out of their busy, crazy, holiday-overloaded days to write a blog for me to read. A gift of time, a gift from the heart. Know that this reader appreciates all of you.

And that is the Wednesday Word--bloggeritis.

Enjoy the moments of the day and know that in the simple and quiet moments over a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate you can find peace.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Your GPS reference is classic!!! I "wander" all the time and it kills me when I can't remember how to get back to the good stuff!!

Of course, your blog is saved in a very special place - need my "NESS" hit everyday!!!

You're welcome, btw. I havent put a list of blogs I view on my site yet - just havent gotten around to it. So, I am NOT resonsible for your bloggeritis!!


kimmy said...

I am starting to think that I may need to give up reading normal books too. All these different blogs are taking the place of the morning newspaper too. I may not know what is happening in the world, but I know if someone in "blogger land" bought a new car or ate pancakes for breakfast!

Have a nice morning!


Catty Ax Lady said...

Oh honey, let me give you a hint...two words: RIGHT CLICK. It's a life-saver!! Right click and open in new window. That way you get to see all the good stuff, but you've got the original page still open in the task bar. Granted, your task bar will be about triple its original size (if you're like me), but you know where you've been.

peach said...

I hope you get this very late comment.. but you totally described ME in this but i have gotten much better about bookmarking where i am so i can go back :-)
Perfect word and perfect post!