13 December 2007

It's A Small World After All!

I have been donating a lot of time to an online group called CaringBridge. This is a support group for kids/adults who have major illnesses and serves as a way that friends and relatives can keep up on the latest news of their loved one. Each site has a Guest Book and I try and leave msgs for them daily. Some have told me that at the lowest point in their loved one's illness, it was the strength of the messages and love at the Guest Book that got them through. I have a looooong list of Caring Bridge sites I check daily. These kids/adults and the perseverence and strength they have to get through the myriad of treatments, symptoms, etc. they go through is nothing short of phenomenal in my heart.

So, I go to check on my buddy Kody in Florida just now and what to my wondering eyes did appear that to see that my new friend, Hallie at Wonderful World of Weiners is a Kody Fan!! Bless you, Hallie. The K tribe is near and dear to my heart. I knew I liked you for some reason--we both have dachsies, military sons and now a love for the K Family.

Channeling my Mommy thoughts to my soldier today as he takes his German final for this semester. It looks like he's going to pull off all A's and will be able to graduate with honors. This is more poignant to me as he was diagnosed with a visual perception learning disability in 1st grade and we were told he would never be able to spell, never drive and if he made it through high school to never consider letting him go to college because he just wouldn't be able to do it and he should repeat the first grade(he didn't). He will be graduating from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in May with his BA in History and will be commissioned the next day as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army. He is currently doing National Guard at the moment and carrying a 20 hour load. He has conquered all of the things he was told he would not be able to do and this mom is as proud as a peacock without tailfeathers! Best of luck Michael today in your German final! Look forward to seeing you here on Sunday to help me make Christmas cookies and make me watch more Family Guy episodes....

Take at least 15 minutes today, play some Christmas music, sip your favorite warm beverage and reflect in the reason for the season. And keep our soldiers in your prayers, both those who serve abroad and those getting ready to step up. We are so proud of all of you!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Ok - I was just about KNOCKED OUT OFF MY SEAT when I saw you mention Kody!!! We WERE meant to find each other! You're so right, what a small, small world. I have been following Kody and a bunch of Caringbridge kids for years. We've sent cards and gifts to some (Kody got an awesome video game from Connor!) and have read/commented on so many sites, I can't keep track.

I've cried buckets as I've watched so many pass away like Jake and Matty but have been inspired by their families ability to "let go, let God." They all been an inspiration to me over and over.

(wipe tears from my face and carry on!) :-)

Kudos to your amazing son! I smiled when I read about his successes. He sure showed them, didn't he!!

Coke points are found inside the red caps or inside the 12 pack/24 pack boxes. The code is either 12 or 15 digits. You can email me any of the codes if you want. )and I'll love you even more than I already do!)

Btw, as I am reading your blog, I am already listening to Xmas music (Frosty right now), drinking a warm mug of tea John made me (love him!) and thinking of our servicemen/women....What do I win?


Ness said...

OMG! Jake Raborn? Matty? What about Julianna and Kendrie? Katia? It was Caringbridge that helped me get through my thyroid cancer diagnosis. I had already been following a bunch of these kids(and new ones every day) when I was slapped upside the head with my cancer diagnosis. What these kids and their families go through and the way they go through it with courage and still thinking about brings tears to my eyes. They are the unsung heroes. They and our soldiers--my true heroes. And Jacob Duckworth? Wow, Hollie, next I'll be asking for your phone number to call you on the phone and play catchup! Off to look at my red Coke caps and I'll email you the results. We were definitely meant to meet up! Kudos on the Christmas music and warm drink and thoughts of our service men/women. You just won my heart and few people get a peek at that!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Katia Solomon? I love that we have these wonderful, beautiful, courageous kids in common.

We are kindred spirits!!


Anonymous said...

I am also a Kody Fan, have been for years!!! And I also have a weiner dog!!! woohoo, we all love Kody and our weiner dogs!!

Enjoy my site!

peach said...

ok this is sooo bizzare... I found hallies blog somehow a while back... I have been following about 20 families on caring bridge and care pages and ... Oh bizzare and very cool!