30 January 2008

Excederin Headaches #2400, 2401 and 2402

I have been to Hell and back at least 249.7 times since Sunday morning when I last blogged.

MY LAPTOP QUIT CHARGING!(Excederin Headache #2400)

I NEVER run it on battery because my OCD self is afraid of abusing the battery and -gasp- ruining it, so I have a trusty surge protector strip at the side of my recliner and one in the bedroom where I work from so this laptop is plugged into AC at all times.

I called Dell after praying to everything holy and non-holy and they said it was my MOTHERBOARD!!! Remember a while back I was having probs with the power cord and said there was a short or a broken wire or something and if you moved it a certain way or held your tongue just right it would work?

What to do-what to do!

Not knowing any computer repair places in my area, I took the bus to Best Buy on Monday morning and contacted the Geek Squad who said they couldn't open my computer to check it without sending it off but they DID check the power cord and I was NOT getting power to the plug that goes into my computer to charge it. OMG--could Ness be RIGHT and it WAS the power cord and NOT the motherboard?

I bussed back home, called Dell and told them that I wanted to order an AC adapter/power cord. They said it was the motherboard. I finally said if they did not take my credit card number and overnight me a new power cord, they would hear the scream that WOULD go around the world!(Excederin Headache #2401)

They decided to humor me and do it.

I got on my cell phone to check my email after the Dell call(yeah, I'm pathetic) and managed to pull up WWOW and found out about CJ's flight situation so called Hallie and got the latest on CJ. She had been worried about me when she hadn't seen me reply to her blog or do a new blog on my site! Isn't she a sweetheart?

OK, fast forward to Tuesday.

The power cord arrived at 3:00 p.m. just as a finished cutting out the last square of Kiereney's quilt(I HAD to do SOMETHING-I couldn't work or be on here), I plugged it in, said every Catholic prayer I knew and MY COMPUTER STARTED CHARGING!!!!!!

Before I could even sign on to my blog, my son called wanting help with filing his taxes! He wanted to do them himself this year....I've ALWAYS done his taxes online. He wants to take responsibility, yadda, yadda, yadda. So like the good mom, I help him with his taxes for 20 minutes, he files them online and life is good.

UNTIL I went to sign on to my computer immediately after that and THE INTERNET WAS DOWN!!!! (Excederin Headache #2402)

Forget the fact that within the last hour we had had a thunderstorm, high winds and snow. DID COMCAST CABLE NOT REALIZE I HAD BEEN WITHOUT A COMPUTER SINCE SUNDAY MORNING??????

Roger walked in from work about that time and decided to retreat to the kitchen and fix supper...enough said.

My internet just now came on after they scheduled an appointment for a cable guy to come here between 5 and 9 tonight and fix it.

Think I'm cancelling that appointment? IN A PIG'S EYE!

With my luck, I'd cancel the appointment and the cable would go out again for the reason that Ness is not aligned with Jupiter and Mars right now and anything can happen...

We dropped in temp from yesterday at noon of 73 down to last night at 5 p.m. of 18!

Anyway, I'm back and have MISSED Y'ALL TERRIBLY!!!

Off to catch up on blogs.

Did ya miss me?


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH!! All is right with the world once again!!

Perhaps you should have a bacak up cors just incase this happens again. Seriously, it was just wrong, wrong, wrong to not hear from you.

Sorry about the wiener spelling but it is sort of funny that you were both right, isnt it? :)

I hoped no one would ever find out my dirty spelling secret but no such luck.

Waiting to hear from CJ - hoping that day 2 of parachute scholl went well. Only 1 more day then off to Hurlburt!!

Get your jewelry entry in as soon as you can - wouldn't want you to miss the contest!!


Pioneering in PA said...

I think your excedrin headaches are coming my way. But, for some reason, mine are being induced by absolutely nothing. Maybe I'm subconsciously feeling your pain? Yeah, that. No feminine issues here to trigger it. Not at all. It's all you. :) Welcome back!

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Dachsies are good for curing Excedrin headaches ... unless, of course, they are the cause of them.

Of course we missed you. Our dachsie buddies are the first ones we check every day!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Steph said...

Hi Ness,

Glad to see you back. I have a Dell laptop as well and have had computer trouble as well. Thankfully I have the super-duper extended waranty so they have to come out whenever anything is wrong and fix it for free. I highly recomend the super-duper waranty to anyone - it has paid for itself.


Please feel free to stop by my blog - I'm just starting this journey.

dlyn said...

I have missed seeing you and came over to see what was up - glad you are back online and that the computer is working again. Isn't tech support just the best fun ever? :)

Anonymous said...

I did miss ya! glad you are up and running again ness!