18 January 2008

Fake It Til You Make It

That's my story for this weekend and I'm sticking to it. I've done run out of spoons until Sunday. Yesterday I woke up with none and had to borrow against today's allotment to get the apartment whipped into shape and the guest room ready.

My BFF, her husband and almost 2 y/o great nephew(Cade--probably the closest thing to a grandchild I'll ever have) and my son Michael are all arriving this afternoon. BFF is leaving Saturday night and I get to keep Michael until Monday evening. I just put a big pot of vegetable beef soup on, husband made brownies last night so supper is covered.

There's still things I feel I need to do cause I'm anal that way but I don't see it happening. I feel like a limp dishcloth. It's not like I'm entertaining the Prime Minister as my BFF is the closest person I'll ever have to a sister and we've known each other since Jesus worked in his dad's carpenter shop, so she is family. The guest room, bathroom and living room are clean and presentable. The kitchen floor is done and as soon as I'm done making soup, the counter and what dishes didn't go into the dishwasher will be done. The living room is vacuumed, straightened and dusted. I need to neaten up the tables around each of our recliners. We share one table between the recliners and we each have a small table on the other side of the recliners where we know, keep the remote, TV guide, book we're reading, pen, cell phone, etc. My friend won't care if they're neatened up or not, but I will. Sigh.

It's a curse to be a card carrying member of obsessive compulsive anal retention land.

Once they get here, I will pile up on the beanbag in the floor by the dachsies and take up residence with this little cutie:

I rented Hairspray so that may get watched tonight if I can pry BFF's husband off the Sci Fi channel. If not, I'm happy just to chat with BFF and gaze across the room at my son adoringly occupying my laptop computer.

Have a great Friday! And if you have any extra spoons, please throw them my way.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Sounds like you have a fantastic weekend ahead of you. I will wish you all the energy, good health and strength I can muster.

As a card carrying member of the anal retentive group, I say stop fighting it - it only saps you of your precious spoons!!

Off to stare at my phone.... Still feel like crap but plodding along...


kimmy said...

Have a great weekend with your BFF!!!

I have OCD and I'm anal retetive too - I think it's a curse! Hey, at least my house is clean and in order (at least until the kids get home from school)!


Pioneering in PA said...

Hey Ness! Been meaning to pop over for a week or so, found you on Hallie's comments. I don't get the spoon thing, and I have OCD when it comes to NOT downloading PDF files so I couldn't read about it. But I will be sure to hippity hop my way around google and find out..

Enjoy your weekend with the BFF and little guy!

Tracy said...

Ness have a wonderful weekend with your "family"-I am dragging myself the last few day's-I need to get my MOJO going so I can accomplish something....
praying for your fun and memorable times!
Tracy P.

Kellan said...

I hope you have a great weekend - sounds like fun! Hairspray is so good! See you soon Ness. Kellan