17 January 2008

Let's Hear It For the Dachshund!

According to the American Kennel Club on Wednesday, the DACHSHUND came in 7th out of the top TEN dog breeds in America!

High fours were just exchanged around the apartment and I hear tell there "could" be a Celebrate Dachshunds white cake tonight for dessert. Depending on my spoon count today.

Shania and Macon, upon viewing the above picture, were miffed as only a dachsie can get, about the "get-up" the poster babe was wearing above. Shania thought a more dignified approach should have been used.

So all you Blogger Dachsies out there, this is your 15 minutes of fame. Stand tall, and collect your accolades for a job well done. WooHoo!!!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

One of my blogger buddies sent me the link to this news story. I felt so special....after all, we own a coveted doggie! (or two)

How cool is that? Of course, if all wieners were as cantankerous as Chauncey Monster has been lately, our 7th rating would go down the toilet!!


kimmy said...

Cute tutu on the weiner dog. Even though I do not any weiner dogs myself (my parents do though) I think they should be #1!!!!


dlyn said...

I think the weiner dog is a little over dressed for daytime, but then I wear jeans and t shirts most of the time, so what do I know? Riley prefers going commando.
blessings, Ness!