11 January 2008

I Believe

in music:

I could just sit around, making music all day long.
As long as I'm making my music ain't gonna do nobody no harm.
And who knows, maybe I'll come up with a song
To make people want to stop all this fussing and fighting
Long enough to sing along.

I believe in music
I believe in love
I believe in music
I believe in love.

Music is love and love is music if you know what I mean
People who believe in music are the happiest people I've ever seen
So clap your hands and stomp your feet and shake those tambourines
Lift your voices to the sky; tell me what you see.


Music is the universal language, and love is the key
To peace hope and understanding, and living in harmony
So take your brother by the hand and come along with me
Lift your voices to the sky, tell me what you see.


Mac Davis(1970)

Music has always pulsed through my veins. I took tap at age 5 followed by ballet and ballroom dancing. I sang in chorus in school all the way through high school. Music speaks to me when nothing and no one else can. I can hear a song and it can transport me through time to a time in my life quicker that the Delorian in Back to the Future.

I am a total eclectic...I love it all!

Broadway-Hymns-Rock-n-Roll-Jazz-you name it.

It's my life force and it's gotten me through many, many situations.

Like the pregnancy of my first child in 1977. Debby Boone came out with the song "You Light Up My Life". I played piano and bought the sheet music for that. The baby was due Sept. 20 and was taken by C-section on Oct. 19. The planner in me said, "The baby is due Sept. 20, I will start my maternity leave one week earlier on the 13th to make sure the house, the nursery and everything is done and I will have no stress when I come home with the baby." I got to HATING Tuesdays....weekly OB appointment. Had the script down cold. "Baby is still breech. Go home, lay on floor, put legs up on couch cushions and baby will flip. Come back next Tuesday." You can only lay so many hours on a floor without a break. So I'd sit at my piano and play over and over ad nauseum "You Light Up My Life" until it was time to resume the position on the floor. Music got me through and to this day whenever I hear it, it takes me back to waiting for Kelli Lynne.

Like the YMCA. I HATE TREADMILLS WITH A PASSION! But it was recommended to do to try to help with my fibro pain so I donned headphones and a CD player and walked through Abba's "Dancing Queen", Queen's "We Are The Champions", Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive", Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" among other kick-butt music and cooled down to Sarah McLaughlin's "In the Arms of the Angel". Music got me through it.

Like a whole body nuclear scan to check for cancer recurrence. Thank God for IPods! I loaded that baby up with KennyG, Toby Keith, Billy Joel, Andy Williams, John Denver, James Taylor, Neil Diamond and a host of others and made it through that hour long scan. The music kept the endorphins flowing and kept shooed out the fears of what if the c-monster has taken over my body again and let my fibromyalgic body lay still on that table while I was being nuked.

So, yeah-I.Believe.In.Music.

It's my touchstone. It will help me let go of my 2nd Lieutenant in August, it will help me with the health hand I was dealt and it will bring me peace and strength to deal with the moments of Monsters named Depression, Panic, cancer and Fibromyalgia.

Finding your touchstone and your peace is my fervent wish for you as we travel this road together.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

In the Arms of an Angel is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.

Ever heard of a song called "And I Don't Know Why," by Shawn Colvin?

It is a great cool down song.

When my brother David's fiancee was murdered, they played this song at her funeral - it was "their" song.

It is just beautiful..


Ness said...

Oh, Hallie, thank you SO much for sharing that song with me. It is truly beautiful and I will add it to my colletion.

I am so, so terribly sorry about your brother's fiancee...I cannot even imagine his pain. My heart to his. May he find his peace.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Thanks Ness,

David and Shannon were engaged when she was murdered in Brookline, Mass at a Planned Parenthood clinic. Shannon was the receptionsit - she was shot 7 times by John Salvi, a radical anti-abortionist.

It happened 13 years ago and is still a painful memory for our family.

2 links if you're interested.

My brother is David Keene. You can hear his heart wrenching court statement in the first link )just click on the wave file listed in the story)


katie said...

girl, i swear you and i have so much in common. i couldn't agree more with what you wrote here. i would be lost without my music. it has the ability to change my mood in an instant. the power that music has is an amazing thing....thanks for sharing this.

have a great weekend!!

kimmy said...

Have you ever heard the song, "I Loved Her First" by Heartland? That is the song I want my daughter to dance to with her Daddy at her wedding. This You Tube video is corny, but the song is really beautiful!!!!



dlyn said...

Gotta have my music Ness, so I know what you mean! And can believe how long they let us go overdue back? I was 3 weeks late with Ellyn. Now they give you about 10 minutes past your due date and they are slapping you in there to be induced!

Susie said...

Thank you so very much for clearing up the pop-off head daschie. It was kinda different, but now it makes sense. I am sure Hallies' CJ will get a big chuckle out of it.
Wishing you unending days of unending dreams

Sue T
Another military mom

Debra w said...


Yes, music does soothe the soul, doesn't it? I am so sorry that you are dealing with a painful flare, right now. I pray that your body will calm down quickly. I know that it's never perfect, or anywhere near perfect, but I also know how bad it can get. I will be holding you in my thoughts and prayers, friend.


I am absolutely stunned, as I remember that murder and what a sickening effect it had on me, and on the rest of our nation. I am beginning to understand where CJ has gotten so much of his strength from.

I know that it has been thirteen years, but time doesn't always heal all wounds.