10 January 2008

Another Quilt-The Sequel

This one is for the "if she had been the first, she'd of been the only" child, Kiereney Jo. She is my mother.made.over. Life of the party, talks with her hands at warp speed and bounces around more than Tigger. Her dream is to become an actress. She also interviews at OCharlies Restaurant today at 2:30 with the District Manager for a waitressing job. Let's all pray, chant, hope and cross everything crossable that she gets it. She got a raving review from her last employer at the Greek restaurant in Richmond--brought in the most tips, customers always asked to sit in her section, etc.

I -believe- it was Catty Ax Woman who sweetly demanded that the next quilt I do, would I take pictures step by step for posterity, etc?

So here we go--the material:

The camera just doesn't do it justice! KJ picked out the material herself and as soon as she saw her favorite colors, that the material was sparkly and there were BUTTERFLIES she was pretty much set. Her favorite colors are lavender and purple. She's Irish so she also likes green. Then she saw the butterfly material and since we needed another color and there was pink in the butterfly material, it was a go. And all the material is sparkly. I will be greeting St. Peter at the Pearly Gates looking like a study done in glitter! Just call me the woman with the Midas touch...

The plan is to cut 240 8-1/2 inch squares out of all of this material. Instead of piecing the top like last time and then doing the batting and backing, I'm making individual quilt square, batting and backing square. Then I will applique a butterfly in the center of the square, thus attaching the "sandwich". When all sandwiches are made(120) I will machine stitch the top edges together into the quilt and hand sew the bottom squares together. I think it will be easier on my fibro arms to do it like this.

Anyway, I wielded the cutting blade yesterday to cut out a few squares and didn't cut the tip of my finger off this time so I'd say this quilt is off to a good start!

Stay tuned. More pictures from Another Quilt-The Sequel to come.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Good lord - I am way impressed that you do this kind of thing. I throw stuff out when I lose a button and I haven't YET worn the most kick ass pair of black pants because they need to be hemmed. And it's been almost 2 years!!

I bow at your talent...


kimmy said...

I too am impressed with your craftiness. I can really only sew on a button and maybe repair a tear here and there, but that is it! Kuddos to you!!!!


Kellan said...

It is going to be just beautiful - I can't wait to see it - I love a beautiful guilt! Take care. Kellan