13 January 2008

I Fell Into a Burning Ring of Fire

and I call as my first witnesses EVERY fiber of my being!

But, hey I can use that steam carpet clearner like we were born joined at the hip!

Who KNEW the FUN I had been depriving myself the last year letting my husband be in control of the machine?!? Squeeze the trigger, push slowly, dispense the fluid. Release the trigger, pull slowly, suck it up. And I felt like a new woman when I saw the results! I cleaned hall carpet, I cleaned dining room carpet, I was a carpet cleaning fool! Who needs the art museum when I was creating my own art?

But all good things must come to an end so I finally gave it a rest several hours later and watched Caddyshack so I could give Mr. Hallie of WWOW my review.

Moving right along...

Got to watch another Law and Order SVU marathon...LOVE.THAT.SHOW!

Woke up at 5 a.m. and started to bound out of bounding today! I told the dachshunds I would watch from the 3rd story living room window if they would simply go down the 21 steps from our door to outside and take care of business....sigh, not happening. So I made it down the 21 steps with them and back up the 21 steps with them and trying to decide how to teach them from my recliner to make coffee. There really should be remote coffee makers that I could use like my TV remote.

Actually, you know what I could use? Remember that maid on the Jetsons named Rosie, I think? She could just wheel around the apartment and take care of my every need(I'm usually not needy but today I'm pulling out all of the stops. Think boiling a whole chicken, letting it cool and then stripping the meat off the bones. Welcome to my world. My muscles feel like the chicken meat and someone is shredding the chicken by pulling each piece apart with their fingers.)

Whine over. Just keepin' it real.

Michael called last night and informed me he is off for MLK next Monday so he's coming up to spend the weekend with us. Color this mom beyond thrilled! I told him to please come solo as I wasn't up for either of his theatrical sisters, but hopefully one of them will be gainfully employed by then. She talked to one of the assistant managers yesterday and the GM has been called to Kentucky to deal with a restaurant problem there and will be back by Monday, so let's hope by this time next wee I can scream from the mountains, "KJ is employed again!"

Off to send telepathic messages to my husband to please wake up and make coffee.

Have a great Sunday!

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Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Take care of yourself....thank you for lighting the 12 candles - what a wonderful idea...