24 January 2008

Thursday Tidbits

Today's blog is gonna be a little like making soup from the leftovers in your refrigerator...a little of this, a little of that. The soup has random ingredients and of course you hope that when all is done, it has a good flavor and will have people demanding more of it. Personally, I just hope you get through this blog without yawning...

And so it goes...I am in a Levothyroxine, aspirin, Prozac, Lotrel, Allegra, DayQuil induced coma. The first 5 meds are daily for the thyroid, blood pressure, stroke prevention, depression/panic disorder/OCD and allergies and the DayQuil is supposed to be attacking the newest virus who had the audacity to show up and party in my 54 year old body. One dachshund nurse on one side of the recliner, one dachshund nurse on the other side, a laptop, remote and a much-needed refill of coffee and water and we're blasting off from Recliner Central.

I went to the opening of the new Wal Mart yesterday because 1)I needed more Advil and Day/NightQuil and also to just flat-out check it out and observe any bargains that needed me. The old Wal Mart was in walking distance from the apartment. The new one requires taking the bus. Can I just tell you that I think the new Wal Mart is a heap of crap? It seems crowded(not as in people but as in aisle space), unorganized with aisles running in every which direction and I didn't feel the love nor the quality/quantity of goods at the other Wal Marts I frequent. Sigh. Gonna have to check the bus schedule and see if a bus runs to my favorite Wal Mart across the way in OFallon. After killing time in there for 3 hours, I walked over and got the Metro train and met up with husband at his stop. We took the bus home about 6:40 and had a short walk to the apartment. I looked up while walking and the sky was just brilliant with stars. Had it not been so cold I might have plopped myself down in the neighbor's yard and did some star gazing.

Is anyone as tired of Idol auditions and ready to get this show on the road with REAL contestants and singing? Sigh...maybe next week?

It looks like Grey's Anatomy is a rerun tonight and I don't see ER listed at all. The day/night I'm in the mood to recliner veg in front of the TV there is NADA.

Michael called and he is blessed with the same virus I am...I think some germy college student on campus gave it to him first and he brought it to me...well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! His sisters are still not employed and I'm ready to burn their birth certificates...

Getting experimental with supper tonight....have some chuck steak left over from the other night and think I'll cook(who am I kidding? DH will cook it--I don't have any spoons to use for supper today) it with snow peas and rice and call it stir fry.

Do anything special for the significant other for Valentine's Day? We used to go out to eat but it's definitely overrated with all the others out there clamoring for romance. DH is a chocolate freak...think I'll make him a French Silk Pie from scratch except for the crust(who am I to mess with the perfection of Pillsbury or Pet Ritz?)and make heavy horsey derves and fondue for supper.

Do you have grocery delivery service where you live? Our main grocery store here is Schnucks and for a $15 fee I can order my groceries online, make notes of particulars that I want that they might not already have prelisted, and they will deliver the same day up my 3 flights of steps to the apartment? So handy when you're without wheels. We've used it twice before with great results and I see a third order in my future...

Did you know the AKC(American Kennel Club) has a line of clothing out for dogs at Wal Mart? I nearly flipped when I saw doggie bath robes yesterday. Here in the real world, they get rubbed down with a towel although I DID see an article on the Internet that car chamois can be used for quicker drying of your dog. Just use it the same way as you use it on a car. I don't think the dachsies here are big enough to be chamoised off.

It's a wrap, kids. Mr. Sandman is taking over.

Have a great Thursday!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

HOpe that nap was a good one!!

Doxie nurses are the BEST!!

No big deal on V-Day for us - never really made a big deal out of one day - we ALWAYS say we love each other and chocolate should be eaten all year, not just one day!!

Don't know if we have grocery delivery. Now I must find out!!


kimmy said...

My husband and I don't do much on Valentine's Day either. I do buy him a card though. I agree with Hallie - you don't need a special day to tell your husband how much you love him!

And, you can always find chocolate in my house any day of the year!


Krista from Wisconsin said...

Hi! My name is Krista, I am 34 and from Wisconsin. I found your blog through Kody Bears blog...I see you love Dachshunds, I have two of my own. I just found out on Christmas mornign that my male may have a slip disc in his back, he has been on pretizone (sp) and seems to be getting around much better. I am have thoughts of having a second opinion as the vet is trying to diagnose this without an xray. I hope we can catch up and chat about our doxies : )

Krista from Wisconsin said...

I am new to this blog and wasa just thinking after I left my first comment to let you visit my blog to see my two babies : )

Pioneering in PA said...

I'm afraid to find out about grocery delivery. It is quite nearly the only time I leave my house! Really, I don't want to be a cave dweller. I think I would have to end life as I know it.

Glad that you can get those types of services!

Anonymous said...

i love coming to your blog, ness, cuz i always agree with you on what you're saying!!

I hate the new Wal-Mart!! it is an unorganized mess and it makes me feel like i am going to go into a full on panic attack every time i go in there needing to buy toilet paper!!

and i hate the Idol auditions too. on with it, i say!!

and Grey's, well, the reruns are so old. but i watched it anyways last nite cuz i am obsessed with the show.

and last but not least, Prozac saved my life. it did. :)

Thanks for another great post! Hope you feel better soon!!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love the visual of the candles all burning in a row. :)

I can't wait for him to call with the IT'S OVER announcement. Feels like I've been carrying the weight of the world and I can't wait to put it down!!

Hope you have a good day and that you have lots of spoons!!