25 January 2008

Frequent Flyer Miles

If you could get them for sitting in a recliner, I would be able to make a flying tour to visit all my Blogger friends here. Sigh.

I'm feeling a smidgin better from the latest virus. I feel like every morning I have to call Body Roll and see the status of all(0 is feeling totally groovy and 10 is a sign to start the slow, sad, music and don't forget to put the lily in my hands)for the day.

Fibromyalgia-"Yo, let's go with a 4 today. It's the weekend and I'm gonna give you time off for good behavior, lady."

Fatigue-"Greetings. I'm still not happy about the walk you put me through the other day just to get some medicine so I'm sticking with a 6. I know you want to work on the quilt today and maybe, just maybe, by 1400 I will go down to a 2...who knows? I'm female and have the right to change my mind."

Brain Fog--"Well, you just remembered your name, social security number and useless trivia from the 60's so we're coming in at a 0 today. Have a feelin' groovy kind of day and don't forget the Cheerios!"

'roids: "Yeah, I know...we've been a REAL PITA lately, huh? If it wasn't for us, you might forget to talk to God, for we hear ya loud and clear when we do our thing- you are nearly speaking in tongues begging God to put the lid on us. OK, we're gonna chime in at a 4 today and keep that oatmeal, raisins and water going. Just sayin'. And yeah, we know you're gonna get the ole Doc to look at us at your apt. a week from today but just remember the cure is worse than the curse. Or something like that."

Virus: "Wow, lady, you don't mess around. DayQuil, NightQuil, Advil...I'm blowin' this taco stand and moving on out. See ya!"

Blood pressure--"We're cool, calm and collected. Just your regular 130/80. But then you haven't had any phone calls from your daughters yet today and no one has done anything stupid in your presence, so the day is young. I caught that Lotrel you threw down this morning and so far, I think we can agree on keepin' your level down today."

Depression/Anxiety--"We are one with the Universe this morning, Grasshopper. Thanks for the 60 mg of Prozac. I just checked with your neurotransmitters and you seem to be at the top of the class for brain chemicals today. Unless you kick up the caffeine today and get that Adrenalin overflowing, I think today will be smooth sailing. Think we're gonna take off for the weekend and give us both a break. See ya Monday!"

The latest spoon count for today is 2 so think I'm gonna cut out the rest of Kiereney's quilt today with one of them and save the other in case the Body Roll has done some major pathological lying this morning and gonna trip my trigger later on today.

They should be very afraid of being beat with my spoon.

Have a Fantastic Friday and do one thing nice for yourself today, for if YOU don't do it, it won't get done. And you're so deserving, each and every one.

PS You dachsie lovers out there...check out And no, Blogspot refuses to let me make it a link despited REPEATED attempts. The dachsies pics are adorable and one of them is having a little back prob at the moment and sure could use your advice and good wishes.


dlyn said...

Hiya Ness - hope you get everything done that you wanted to today. Glad the virus is fleeing your vicinity. The 'roids thing made me LOL. blessings...

Alice said...

Thanks for signing on my blog and for the advice! Much appreciated!! I'm diggin' your got a new reader. :)

Debra w said...

Hi Nessie,

I am sorry to hear that you are sick on top of sick! I just woke up, so I am starting to take the Body Roll right now. Mornings are the hardest part of the day for me, so I am just waiting for the meds to kick in.

Hang in there, friend, we may live hard, but we definitely Live Strong!

Big gentle hugs,

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Thinking of you!! Hug a doxie and feel better!! I'm sending you tons and tons of Twomey positive mojo!!

Hallie :)

Kellan said...

I am sorry you are not feeling well, but I got a kick out of this, "--"We are one with the Universe this morning, Grasshopper" - that made me laugh - you still have your sense of humor and I hope you feel better soon - completely better. I enjoyed this post - have a good weekend Ness. Kellan

Pioneering in PA said...

I must have telepathically received your orders for each and every one of us to do something for ourselves today, 'cuz I went and bought a Nike hoodie for $35! YAY ME! Thanks for sending the good vibes my way while posting your blog, even if I wasn't anywhere near my computer.

Katie said...

Hey Ness- Thanks for signing. And for the record, though you may be in over your head, but this entry was hilarious. I feel like I do that a lot of days- the inventory of pain/unpleasantries. But mine has never been as humorous as yours!

Hope everything comes in at a 0 tomorrow!

katie said...

Hope that virus is gone completely very soon, Ness! You truly have a way with words. love reading your blog. and the doxie pics are awesome!! thanks for sharing that site.

Tracy said...

I was just checking in on your blog-I love all your posts-funny and insightful. Can you explain the spoon thing to me? I must have missed something somewhere? Keep writing and I will keep reading-I hope you are feeling better-we have had pretty much everything running rapport in my house over the last couple weeks-even the dog!
Have a marvelous weekend-

DooandBoosMom said...

Thank you for posting my blog site on your site helping me find assistance and get well wishes for Scrappy. I have come to believe it is not his back, it seems to me it is his left hip. He gets around, running, and playing so it is more than likely not his back....I pray : )

I have added some more pics of my babies for all to enjoy. With all the snow we are expecting tonight and tomorrow we will be homebound and have a photo shoot : )

Until then....Dooandboosmom