27 February 2008

Do They Make Storage Units for Brains?

I just sat here last night and held my head. I think it's on overload with so much info!

The latest on the boys is that their grandpa(Kathy's brother) is covering the lawyer fees this Friday to get Kathy granted temporary guardianship. For the moment, the important stuff is done. Kathy says Abbey shows no remorse whatsoever for any of it and her only concern is getting out of jail because she doesn't like it there...unless they put her in inpatient rehab, I see little hope for this girl straightening out. Little does the girl realize she is safer in jail than out at the moment. Kathy, with the temporary guardianship, will be able to keep the boys on their Medicaid insurance, WIC for milk and cheese and stuff and receive funding for groceries. She works full time but her husband is retired so money is tight. I think we're set for now. Kathy asked me to please thank you again for all your prayers as she could see the hand of God all day Tuesday working out situations and taking care of things that she did not see how in the world it could happen. Carter doesn't even ask about his mom anymore. He is potty trained, eating well, happy and secure and we're gonna keep him like that. She never bonded to Cade so as long as his MeMaw(Kathy) is around, his world is wonderful.

Roger is working late tonight so think I'm going to get my work done, do some laundry and curl up in the recliner and work on the quilt while I listen to Idol. I decided I needed to put her name and date of birth on it so more embroidery. I've enjoyed designing it and working on it but now I just want it done.


Steph said...


I'm glad that things are moving in the right direction for Kathy and the boys. Those two little ones desever to grow up safe, happy & healthy. It isn't their fault that they have jerks for parents. I'm glad that Kathy is able to provide them a safe and happy home.

Keeping them in prayer.


dlyn said...

Will keep on praying for the situation Ness. I am so glad those kids have someone who loves them and will stand up for them.

How long till we can see a pic of the quilt? :)

Asthmagirl said...

So glad everything is working out well. It's wonderful to see the right things happening for those two!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You are all ALWAYS in my thoughts. I WANT to be excited this is all working out but I think I'll wait til you say it's happy dance time.

What did you think of AI? I was supremely disappointed, for the most part!

Hallie :)

Catty Ax Lady said...

Praise God that these boys have so many good people looking out for their well-being. I'll keep praying that things happen as smoothly as possible as not to disrupt their happiness and stability.

And hey, if you don't do anymore Sunday Quilt posts, will you send me a picture of the finished product? I can't wait to see all your hard work put together!