26 February 2008

One More River to Cross, One More Mountain to Climb

The boys are still with Kathy.

Their mother's(Abbey) arraignment isn't until today at 9. Kathy is going to be at the arraignment and ask her to sign a form granting Kathy temporary custody of the boys.

A lot of information was discovered yesterday and I know in my heart without your prayers and hope and support it would not have happened. As it happened, Kathy's supervisor has a best friend working in DCF and Kathy was able to call her and find out a lot of info and what to do to protect the boys. From what Abbey's father was able to find out from the court, Abbey is looking at 3-4 felonies and probable jail time varying from 364 days in the local jail to 1-3 or 3-6 in the Dept. of Corrections. We were concerned that the group she runs with would post her bail so they can keep her from ratting them out. But if that happens, they will not provide her with a public defendant and Abbey does not have the means to hire an attorney.

I pray in 10 minutes that the Judge, who has researched, interviewed and found out the history of Abbey and her noncare of the boys and the story of their violent, nonworking father, will make the right decision that will keep the boys safest and with Kathy.

Kathy asked me to tell you that she appreciates and thanks you for all you have done, both with prayers for her and the boys and support for me. She worries about me; I worry about her. We couldn't be more like sisters if we shared the same parents.

I will keep the blog updated in the Comments section as I learn more.

You are definitely the wind beneath my wings these last 2 days.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Sounds like we still need to keep the prayer chain going. I'm glad to hear that things "appear" to be moving in a positive direction.

I'm also glad that you and Kathy have each other to lean on. That is quite a gift you have given each other.

Hang in there.

Hallie :)

Steph said...


I will continue to keep the entire situation in my prayers. I am glad that things look like they are moving in the right direction. I'm positive that the courts will do the right thing.

Glad that you have Kathy have each other, everyone needs friends like that.


dlyn said...

Thanks for the update - continuing to pray and will be checking back to see how things are going. :hugs:

Ness said...

Update as of 1:48 p.m. Thank you for all of your prayers. I just talked to Kathy. Abbey did not make bond. She tried to fight Kathy getting temporary custody but finally gave in. As luck would have it, a lawyer happened to be at the courthouse this morning who did custody cases and took their info and Kathy will meet with him on Friday to get things going for the temporary custody to be given to her. He has lowered his fee from $500 to $300 so we will get that together. Abbey has an evaluation in the city I live in a week from this Friday and Kathy will be allowed to take her to it and has to return her to jail afterwards. I will be going to Kathy's to take care of the boys because we do not want them in the car with their mother. I may send my son along to help with Abbey as who knows what she might try to do in a car on a 2 hour trip. Upon the determination of the evaluation(for drug treatment, etc) then it will be decided if she will be put inpatient or outpatient treatment program. Jail time is still looming. Kathy was allowed to sit in on her meeting with the probation officer before the judge hearing this morning and Abbey admitted to daily use over the last year of pot and alcohol and daily use of the Zanny Pops for the last 6 months. When asked if she had done other drugs, she said none that she would admit in front of Kathy so they asked Kathy to leave the meeting. It has been determined that the father has never proven paternity even though his name is on both birth certificates so in order to even begin to try and get the kids he would have to prove paternity, pay back child support, have a job, etc.

Things seem to be moving along in a positive way and I know it is because of the amazing prayers and support we have been getting from you. I have a migraine so I'm going to take some meds and lay down for a while. Thank you again so much for your support. Those little guys sure need it.

kimmy said...

Hang in there Ness! Glad to hear that the court made the right decision!


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

This all sounds like steps in the right direction! I will continue to keep you, Kathy and the boys in my prayers. I will also pray for Abbey and that she find the strength to get her life in order.

As the others have said ... Hang in there.

Mary, the dachsies' mom

Asthmagirl said...

It sounds like things are moving in the right direction. I'm so glad those boys have adults that care about them and want the best.
Take care of yourself so you can take care of them.

Ok, Where Was I? said...

Oh, yea! He'd have to pay back child support. I'm guessing that would not only be a huge amount, but a huge deal for him, and thus a major obstacle. So glad to hear things are looking up for the boys.