28 February 2008

Happy Looks Good on my Husband

He is like a kid with a new toy with the truck!

He politely asked me if I wanted to drive it home from the dealership and I politely declined so he could drive it.

I have a ~silly~ little rule/quirk, if you will. When you're driving, don't play with the toys. Adjust the mirrors before you put it in to gear. Don't play with the horn if there's a vehicle in front of you even if the wife -does- say, "I'll be glad when we get away from vehicles so I can hear what the horn sounds like." My bad.

I haven't driven it yet. He was happy-happy-joy-joy that he didn't have to get up at 5 this morning to hook up with the bus/Metro schedules to get to work cause now he can DRIVE to the Metro station and take any ole darn Metro train he wants so I told him I was running in the negative on spoons today so why didn't he just take the truck? You'd of thought it was the Christmas season the way his face lit up like a Christmas tree.

But just wait until tomorrow...I have to drive the truck to my PT appointment(the mere fact that it is on my busline and I could take the bus has absolutely nothing to do with it!) and after the appointment, Mama will be trickin' out the truck with new floor mats, yellow ribbon magnets and hanging her St. Louis Cardinal beads from the rear view mirror.

The daughters are coming up for the weekend tomorrow night. I'm pretty sure they're coming to see the truck(which it will be a cold day in Hell before either of them get behind the wheel of it), have Mom take them out to eat/cook for them and go shopping versus visiting with me, but oh well. Kiereney wants to see the progress on her quilt. Last time she saw it, I hadn't done a thing but purchase the material. Kelli is working for a local commericial production company and shmoozing with the business people she grew up with. She has a tough job...answers phones, does some computer work and WATCHES CABLE TV ALL DAY TO MAKE SURE THEIR COMMERCIALS ARE AIRED. It is definitely different than anything she's ever done but she's enjoying it. Now to get the other one working. I feel some Mama Sermon on the Mount speeches trickling in the back of my throat for that child this weekend.

Enjoying reading the limericks at WWOW. Glad I don't have to judge them! She has quite a creative following.

Have a great day and keep Kathy in your thoughts/prayers tomorrow as she goes before the judge to get temporary guardianship of the boys.


Steph said...


Glad you got the truck. Will kick the prayers up an extra notch tomorrow for Kathy & the boys.


dlyn said...

Wooo - very nice truck! I hope you have a blast, driving it!

asthmagirl said...

I'm so glad you're lovin' the truck. It sure is purty!

Good vibes to Kathy and the boys!

Alice said...

Love the truck! You'll have to let us know how it goes when you get to drive it. :)

We will be holding Kathy up in prayer in Atlanta tomorrow.

Pioneering in PA said...

Hooray for new trucks! Have fun with the girls this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I will be keeping Kathy and those sweet boys in my prayers, Ness!

You have a great weekend!! Much love to ya, girl. :)

Angel... said...

wow.. very nice Truck..

Have fun


Angel... said...


How are you?