29 February 2008

This Just In

Kathy now has temporary guardianship of the boys. Thanks to all for prayers, good thoughts and concerns, and thank you God! Our God is an AWESOME GOD!

In a word, physical therapy is HELL. I could have done without the hour torture treatment today but you know what? I get to go back for 3 more next week as they say my shoulder is really screwed up and depending upon the insurance, probably many more after that. Who knew?!? I TRIED to tell them I couldn't move my arm. I think they have the message now...DUH!

I drove the truck to PT and to Wal Mart and I definitely was One with the Universe. The radio is PHENOMENAL and even has an LED screen to tell me what song is playing. It's warm enough here(in the 50's) so I put all the windows down and rocked out! I'm surfing now for an antenna ornament as I tried to put my purchases in a red Jeep Cherokee(before you chalk me up to being totally stupid, our former vehicle we gave the girls is a red Jeep Cherokee) and wondered why my electric door opener wouldn't open the doors...gotta find something awesome to put on top of my antenna so I won't lose my truck, I mean OUR truck...yeah, that's what I meant.

I just purchased THE THIRD phone charger for my youngest because Molly, the Lab, seems to have an affinity for them and my little ADHDer just can't seem to remember to put it up when she's done charging her phone. She and the Eldest will be here in about 5 hours. Lucky for them Mom has BBQ meat frozen in the freezer cause they are "not keeping Catholic Kosher" anymore, or so I was told by the youngest. Where does she get this stuff? However, Roger made his to-die-for macaroni and cheese last night and all that has to be done tonight is finishing baking so we "keeping Catholic Kosher" peeps will be dining on that and BBQ baked beans and the apple recipe the Pioneer Woman posted a couple of days ago.

I need to recruit spoons, so going to monopolize the recliner for a while. Have a fantastic Friday, or what's left of it.


Asthmagirl said...

Thank goodness Kathy got the boys.
The truck sounds lovely and dinner sounds even lovlier.

Hope your spoon count rises accordingly!

Debra w said...

Oh Nessie, that is such wonderful news about the boys! Thank you for the update. I will keep Kathy and her family in my constant prayers.

Your new truck is beautiful! Congratulations! May all of your travels be safe. I am so glad that you have reliable transportation to get you from place to place. Such wonderful news!

Thanks again for all of the love and support that you have sent our way. Mark was reading through the comments yesterday, and after reading yours, he said, "I really like Ness. She is a neat lady." I told him that I agree!

Wishing that I could send you a few extra spoons!

Big hugs,

Steph said...


I'm so happy to hear that Kathy has the boys. They don't need anymore drama in their lives.

Hope you enjoyed your dinner.


Catty Ax Lady said...

Praise the Lord above for Kathy getting the boys! Keep us updated, and we will keep praying for continued blessings to her and them.

Dinner sounds yummy!! I just now saw the PW recipe, and my does that look divine! I kept Catholic kosher today too, thankyouverymuch, although the meatballs at Fazoli's sounded really good.

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

Ness, I am so happy to here about Kathy and the boys. That is wonderful news!!!! I have a friend whose sister has put them through similar things. She too was worried about her nephews, but thankfully her sister did the right thing and let their mom keep them. Great big praises to God!

dlyn said...

I am so glad that the boys will be in a safe place - praise God for that!

Also glad you are enjoying the new ride!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Some country western singer sings a song with the chorus "my God is an awesome God," which is playing over and over in my head.

I'm so happy!

Glad to hear you love the truck but am sorry to hear that the PT was so awful.

Hopefully, it will all be worht it in the end.

Hallie :)

katie said...

Oh, good news about the boys! I am so pleased and happy to hear that!

Glad you enjoyed cruisin' in the new truck, Ness!

Have a great day, my friend!! :)

peach said...

Ness, I read your comments on several peoples blogs but, for some odd reason had not made it to your blog anyway ... you live close to my dad... he lives in collinsville and works in bellville( well ya know what he used to i am not positive where he is working now) anyway... I will be up there the first week of April passing through to Hannibal. I am my mothers Guardian and I have to go take care of her business once or twice a year and this years trip is spring break for us. I am gonna have to do some back reading and figure out what all i have been missing :-) my email is if you want to email and my blog is ummm hummm writing a book here... anyway I will be back :-)
hugs laura

peach said...

I have now read start to present and have sent several messages...I am so glad to finally have made my way over here and gotten to read all of your blog~
Thank God The children are safe and hopefully she can get perminant custody of them... My Dad and step mother have a little boy he is 6 now.. they have had him since he was 18 months old.. they do not have custody or anything of him his aunt (a friend of my step mom has custody) anyway its a rough situation and has many ups downs and sidwises with his mother who is a drug abuser ect... they are added to our prayers!
Hugs and I lOVE LOVE LOVE the quilts! you are very talented.
BBL its really late here.
Hugs Laura

Pioneering in PA said...

I have to say, I gave up on stalking P-Dub's blog once I realized that there are people out there funnier than her, and that will communicate with me. I have a complex. She wasn't fulfilling it. Dang her.

But, I must spelunk over and see if she has new recipes.

Looking for a Dachsie antenna thing-a-ma-jig? I think that would be nice lol.

peach said...

have been thinking of you up there in the frozen tundra... dad says ya'll got hit pretty hard yesterday~ I was tagged by lizzy and I think Stephanie tagged you too but so did I if you want to play along :-)
hope you guys are safe and warm! Dad says that the cracker barrel you are talking about is easy to find LOl so I should nto have any troubles :-) hugs Laura