21 February 2008

Meme Saved the Day!

Or rather Pioneeringinpa did.

This is copied from her site verbatim:

Post 7 random or weird facts about yourself on your blog (the weirder the better, if you ask me).Tag 7 people and link to them even if you think they won’t do it.Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged and hunt them down if you have to. These are the rules to follow, so I will be giving my facts and tagging some others. If you have already been tagged, oops, I guess I just want to know more facts about you.

You can breathe now...I am too sick to tag anyone much less hunt them down. I think Hallie sent her creeping crud to us via the blog. Roger and I both feel like unadulterated hell.

But in the spirit of cooperation, I will list the 7 randon or weird facts about myself. If you want to play along, leave your 7 in my comments.

Really, thanks Pioneering in PA for this meme as if not for that, it would have been a no-blog day as my inspiration has been coughed out of me along with 2 lungs and some sinus passages.

1. Do not put onion, mustard or mayonnaise on anything you fix for me because instead of just removing it, I will File 13 it(toss it in the trash). No way can the scents or tastes of those 3 things ever be removed to my qualifications and satisfaction.

2. I can't laze around in jammies and get anything done. I have to have my clothes on to be productive. I can't do housework or medical transcription or anything in my jammies.

3. I don't do anything concerning Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving. If I go in a store and they have up their Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving(which seems to be the way to go anymore) I walk out. Every holiday deserves its 15 minutes. Don't cut my Thanksgiving/Fall out.

4. Due to some past events in my so-called life, I strongly adhere to the 5Ws--who, what when, where and why. Most people jump for joy when they get a package in the mail...if I didn't order it, I assume it's a bomb and act accordingly, as open it away from the dogs outside the door. I can take the bullet for them, but I can't let anything happen to my loved ones. And the fact that if it was a bomb that it would destroy them and the apartment doesn't enter into it...I tried.

5. I do not try new foods. Ever. Since I've been married to Roger, I have added broccoli, brussel sprouts, lobster, and snow peas to my menu because I wanted to. Don't ask me, beg me or guilt me into trying something because the answer is NO. And don't try to hide something in my food because when I find out, I am done with you for life. Trust is a big issue with me.

I had to ask my husband for the last 2 and it took him almost 5 minutes to think of them so he will be allowed to sleep in the apartment tonight. lol

6. I am not a girly-girl in the way that flowers, perfume or jewelry do -nothing- for me as gifts. (I told him he should thank God on a daily basis that I am an inexpensive wife)

7. To qualify this last one, I am a nurse. I have been through 3 kids, a sickly father and working in ER. According to my husband, I "run with it"--if he complains of a shoulder pain, I'm going with a heart attack. If he has a stomach pain, I'm diagnosing a colon blockage. BUT let the record show that the time he claimed to have the stomach flu after 4 days(and the rest of us got over it in a day)and I said he had the pain and symptoms of a colon blockage and made him go to ER, he was in surgery less than 24 hours later for said blockage. I have also been right on several other occasions concerning him where he didn't think he needed to see a doctor/go to the ER and he so really did need to. So since he said this as a quirk, I'll put it on here...


Steph said...


Sorry that you and Roger are feeling bad. Hope that you get over the crud soon.


asthmagirl said...

Hope you feel better soon.

I feel about tomatos the way you feel about onions, mayo and mustard!

FUN-ky Mama said...

I am totally with you on the Christmas/Thanksgiving issue. I refuse to do anything Christmas related until after Thanksgiving (usually well into December, for me). I HATE when stores put Thanksgiving stuff in one tiny corner and then "Christmas up" the whole place. It's ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

I love these memes! and i am with ya, Ness. i don't really try new foods either. and i agree on the x-mas/thanksgving issue as well! always the day after at least!!

You have a wonderful weekend, my dear! :)

Pioneering in PA said...

Okay Mizzez Ness, I'm not feeling you on the food ordeal. There are very few things that I don't eat on a given basis (I don't eat plain pickles, but I will eat them in other forms..bread & butter, relish.. you get the picture). For the most part, I eat everything except squid and octopus, oh and eel, in one form or another and don't have problems with it. I try new things on my own, I love finding something new to wow the tastebuds! Of course, I've had some foods do the opposite and make me want to divorce my tongue.

I'm not big on the holidays at all, so I don't rush into them. I kind of float through the holiday season, rushing here, running there, griping about everything over this way.

Hope you guys feel better!

Steph said...

Hi Ness,

Just stopping by this morning to see if you are feeling better.