10 February 2008

Quilt Update

This is the process of ironing the butterfly material to the Heat and Bond so I can cut out 40 individual butterflies, then peel the paper off the back of each butterfly, place it on the quilt sandwiches, iron/bond it to the sandwich and then stitch around them. I tried the blanket stitch but it just wasn't working for me so I improvised another stitch that caught the edge of the butterfly and went through the entire quilt sandwich so if you turn the sandwich over, you will see the outline of the butterfly and all 3 layers of the sandwich are secure.

Here are 2 examples of stitched butterflies. I attempted to turn them different directions on the squares to avoid being boring.

I am alternating the butterfly squares with squares that have a word embroidered on them that I associate with my daughter. Here are a couple of those squares:

I took these pics with my cell phone so they're not the best but maybe you can get the general idea.

There are 10 squares in a row and 12 rows so by the time all is said and done I will have embroidered 120 squares with either a butterfly or a word.

I now have Row 1 squares complete and giving my fingers a rest today. I just started embroidering them Friday night so I'm getting faster. I'm shooting for Easter to have the quilt done, maybe sooner.

I'm debating now how to join the squares...The thought hit me this morning that I could just butt them up to each other and zigzag them together through all 3 layers. The jury's still out on this.

Michael is leaving later today to go back to school so gotta go soak up the son/sun as long as he agrees to quit watching war movies...actually, it's his passion and he could be into worse things. So I'll just go and stare at him and feed him some supper before he goes.

Have a restful Sunday!

Shout out to Ms. Fenway...hope you're feeling better today!

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