13 February 2008

WOW Wednesday

WOW as in Shmoopy is home safe and sound and making his parents/brother/girlfriend quite happy with his presence.

WOW as it took Michael one hour to drive 15 miles to school because IN SPITE of the fact that the SIU Campus Police told me(you think I wouldn't call and check? people know me by now. I leave no stone unturned when it comes to my friends and family)that nary a plow or worker had done jack squat to the roads/sidewalks on campus, they decided to hold school today when everyone else in a 50 mile radius was closed? Michael just messaged me and said he's falled twice so far on the sidewalks. I see a call to the President of SIU, Glenn Poshard, on my agenda today. I just don't do stupid and risking injury of students/faculty/staff is as stupid as it gets! Edited to add: I did just speak with Glenn Poshard. He used to be our congressman in Illinois when I was younger and he remembered me by my maiden name. He said it wasn't an easy decision to make opening campus but the largest majority of students live on campus. He talked to the Grounds Crew supervisor while I was on hold and there have already been several reports of falls with injuries. The faculty has been instructed to not penalize any student who can't get to campus because of weather conditions(wish I'd known that before I gave Michael my blessing to go today). I told him I talked to Campus Police last night and that they told me that nothing had been done to campus to remove ice or snow. I asked that next time this happened he himself would check the campus before making a decision. He thanked me for my call. I feel better I did something besides sit here and rant.

WOW as in the Westminister Dog Show Grand Champ was a beagle from right here in my hometown of Belleville, IL. Let's hear it for Uno, the beagle!

WOW as in my man Obama swept the primaries yesterday.

WOW as in I made enough spaghetti sauce yesterday that there are leftovers for supper.

WOW as in I managed to talk to a person at United Health that not only spoke English but had a brain and they are negotiating my physical therapy as I type.

WOW as in I almost have 100 songs on my Playlist.

WOW as in I need to get a move on to plan Valentine's Day dinner. We got burned on going out because everybody and their ancestors go out on Valentine's Day so I'm fixing something here and we're watching movies(RV and Evan Almighty) Or I'm getting in food to fix and Roger may cook...depending what my spoon count is tomorrow.

WOW as in I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have such amazing and caring blog buddies and you couldn't be more a part of my life than if we shared blood. I hope to be able to meet up with all y'all in the next year somehow, some way.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

WOW as in Weekend in New England is not only my favorite Barry song, but also the song I want played at my funeral. SERIOUSLY.

Hallie :)

Try not to think of me dead next time you hear it! I double dog dare you!

asthmagirl said...

Wow as in thrilled that your insurance company is considering your claim! I hope it doesn't take them 6 months to agree!

Westminster Rocks! They had some awesome Chihuahuas there this year! Someday, I'm going to go watch!

Have a great day!

Pioneering in PA said...

Uhh I was going to start my post with "WOW" but I feel so... over used.. by doing so. SSSSooooo...

Aye-Carumba! As in, my day was so crappy that yours was a day in the park, but I'm still smiling!

Just keep smiling, just keep smiling...

So not smiling over here. *angry face dude*

FUN-ky Mama said...

Go Uno! I was so happy that he won; he's a beautiful boy.
Good luck with getting insurance to cover PT!
Happy Valentine's Day.

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

Wow!!! Big Daddy watched the dog show and loved the beagle. I'll have to tell him it is from your home town.

Good for you for taking acting and calling the President of SIU. You are one good momma!

Also, I am thrilled that you have someone on your side with the health care. What a blessing!