12 February 2008

Shake Me I Rattle, Squeeze Me I Cry

First off, we can dispense with the shaking and squeezing.

I am a broken Ness once again/still.

Walked to the Dr. in the sleet yesterday for a followup appointment and roll call of the ailments. He has determined that I have lost 75% movement in my right shoulder/arm and I now have what's called "frozen shoulder". He's put me in physical therapy for 12 sessions(IF the insurance will allow it) and if that doesn't do the trick he said the M word...(MRI). I said, "No, no, never, never, nah, nah, nah!" (At least without IV Versed and a waaaaay stiff drink(yeah, I know you can't mix the two but it was a thought...)

So I gotta call United Health and see if I can throw myself on the mercy of their insurance coverage and they will cover PT. Perhaps if I present it in the "right way", like, "PT -might- be cheaper than exploratory shoulder surgery, rehab and the rest of the ball of wax." they might think PT will be the bee's knees. Perhaps.

The blood pressure rolled in at 128/78 which we'll take because it has been mucho higher before. The hemoglobin A1c(that shows the average of my blood sugar for the last 3 months) was down .2 of a point which is phenomenal! The good cholesterol rose, which is a great thing, but the bad cholesterol also caught the wave and rose 20 points which is a Mickey Mouse No-No. He's taking a wait-and-see-til-we-retest-in-May approach which is a great thing since I own 3/4 of the Walgreens now and didn't want to add another prescription to the mix.

(Shmoopy, stop reading now. Remember your delicate eyes, my son.)

And the 'roids?

Just what can we say?

At least that won't make Shmoopy curl since I KNOW he will NOT stop reading like I told him to...(Kids--whatsa matter with these kids today?)

They are alive and well.

And I am not a surgical candidate.

And mainlining Morphine wasn't an option either.

So, says the 'roidless Dr., keep rotating the 3 topical meds, drink the water, eat the fiber and basically don't whine.

Can you say eat sh*t and die, Dr.?

Well, not during Lent anyway...

And no Lyrica for the fibromyalgia because it would interfere with my Prozac and God forbid, let's keep her sane and hurting above all else...and no, there are no other meds approved for fibro besides Lyrica at this time...

Hallelulah, Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

But there -was- one bright moment...

Seems my insurance never thinks I go to the doctor/hospital/labs enough(ROTFLMAO) and every charge goes to my deductible must be as high as the flag on the 4th of July(my apologies, Julie Andrews, it's just that the song worked so well in this spot) I got ready to check out and pay my birthright to the receptionist when she tells me, "Actually, you have a $48 credit and we'll just take your copay out of that so you don't owe us anything today."

So I just suited up for the sleetfest outside and slowly shuffled off before she could change her mind.

This is rich...the Dr. asked me if I was doing anything that could aggravate my shoulder....working...working would do that--typing medical transcriptions at warp speed. Making a quilt---not a chance in Devil Land(it's Lent, I can't toss around that hell word a lot, you know....giggle) He tried to ix-nay the ilting-quay and I convinced him (ha!) that I ONLY moved my wrist and not my shoulder when working on the quilt. He's a man...he bought it lock, stock and barrel. So Quilting World lives!!!

Hoping PT agrees with my theory.

Anyway, off to deal with the Devil Incarnate(aka insurance).

Weather Update: We didn't get as much ice as they predicted although the roads are slicker than snot. However, it went south and they CANCELLED my son's classes today. Get out! SIU doesn't close for anything! Woo Hoo!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I'm so damn sorry you have to go through this. Never had the pleasure(HA HA) of the roid thing - it sounds awful and I really wish they could just nip and or tuck them.

You impress the hell out of me Ness...You have more than your share of issues yet you still think of others. You are an amazing woman.


Steph said...


It was wonderful catching up with you. I'm finally back online after the big move. Still trying to unpack - which in a way is worse than packing and I hate that.


kimmy said...

Sorry to hear about all that you are going through Ness. I hope that PT helps your shoulder. I went to PT for my hip and it did wonders. Hopefully, you will have good results too.

And, be careful out there on the ice!!!!


Scarlett Wanna Be said...

I say anything that has to do with the sea captain can't be good. I'm sorry about your bum. I am also sorry that you are going to have to deal with insurance and pain in your shoulder. I'll put you on my prayer list that everything will work out swiftly and painlessly.

Asthmagirl said...

What a wonderful post! I try not to connect with my Dr. unless the asthma gets really bad, because there's always one more test, one more scan, one more blood draw. Enough! I'm drawing a breath! That's good enough!

I was very touched by your gift to shmoopy and thought it was a wonderful thing to do.

It's clear that you're a very caring person. Thanks for making the world a sweeter place...

Debra w said...

Hey Nessie, my dear friend,

I am so sorry that you are dealing with the medical treadmill, and that you are having so much trouble with your shoulder! It isn't bad enough that you are ill, they have to try to drive you insane on top of it! Unbelievable!

I am sorry to hear that you can't take the Lyrica with the Prozac. Cymbalta is another med that is now on the verge of being approved for Fibro. I have been on it for a long time, at a very low dose, and I take it along with the Lyrica. Is it possible to switch from Prozac to Cymbalta? They are both antidepressants in the same class. I know that it is difficult with your pressure, so that may have some bearing on what meds you can take in combination. Lots of fun, huh Ness?!?

Keep fighting. You are such a strong person with such a generous spirit. You are very inspiring to so many.

Big hugs,

Alice said...

Thank you so much for your prayers for my family. Please know I'll keep you in mine as well. Even the 'roids. :)

katie said...

Ness! I am so sorry about your discomfort, girl. The roids, oh girl. i do know the hell that is that pain. had it after my son was born. i am so so sorry. that doctor is an idiot!! he has no idea how painful those suckers are!! and those creams never worked for me!

anyways, you have a great day. sending you hugs, girl.