14 March 2008

Celtic Embroidered Symbols on Quilt(3rd Friday Post)

I promised Catty Ax Lady I would post these as she's following my quilt.

There are a total of 5 symbols and I have to repeat each 4 times for a total of 20 blocks. If you're looking to invest in stock, I would head to DMC embroidery floss Green #969 as these symbols are taking a whole lot of it!


Catty Ax Lady said...

Oh my goodness!! Those are absolutely gorgeous! How big are they? (They look huge!) Thanks so much for posting the pics. My dad is in town this weekend and we're supposed to be doing "something" with him tomorrow (he's leaving Sunday). Otherwise, I'd be there!

katie said...

so pretty, Ness!!

Hope you are doing well, girl! you have a great weekend. :)

Alice said...