16 March 2008

Wavin' The White Flag

My tired is tired and my sick is sick.

I just sent Cade and Carter off with Michael back to Kathy. They are so sweet but my butt is kicked to Kingdom Come! And today I woke up sick with something sinus-y. I went back to bed and Roger and Michael watched the boys for a couple of hours. My throat hurts--like up the back where it joins my nose...maybe postnasal drip irritation? I am DayQuilling it and Night Quilling it and something had better work. I went to put the boys car seats in Michael's car and cut the bejeebers out of my forearm. With being on stroke prevention therapy I bled like a stuck hog.

And I get to do it all again on Friday when they come back for Easter and my 3 kids will come up Sunday and we all will have Easter dinner.

And when they all leave Sunday evening, I'm hiding in a self-imposed time out until the next weekend or so when I have to take Michael to Ft. Campbell to buy his Class A uniform for graduation.

Trying to catch up to make sure you're all safe and sound before I crash in bed.


Alice said...

Ness, take care of yourself and get some rest. You'll need to be in tip-top shape for next weekend.

katie said...

Get some rest, girl! you deserve it! You are such a caring and sweet person!

Oh, and Lenny thinks so too. go check out what he put up for you on my blog. ;)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Take care of yourself!! You need to build a spoon stash so you can be good for the Bunny on Sunday.

Hallie :)

Steph said...


Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest so that you will be ready for Easter. I know how the sinus stuff goes, I get it all the time. Take Zyrtec-D, it is wonderful stuff and now it is over the counter.


Annie said...

Wow, you seem like a busy little bee. Keep an eye on those spoons, I'm losing some just reading what you were/will be up to!

Effie said...

Well written article.