14 March 2008

Dismayed Dachsies Are We

Surprise. Mom has guest bloggers(that would be Shania and Macon) that she doesn't even know about until she sees this and at the rate she's going, that may be Monday...sigh...

You see, she and Dad came home last night with those-those boys again. Seems like Aunt Kathy needed a break and now we're the ones who will probably get broken!

I get to speak first cause I'm the oldest!

Shania here. Boy, did we get blindsided. There we were, curled up on our beanbag with the Food Channel on and hear Mom and Dad coming up the steps. Joy of joy and woofie woof-they're home! Macon and I bark and race, the key goes in the lock, the door opens and THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN!!!

And were WE consulted?

Uh, that would be a big bowwow no!

So they run in(the boys not the 'rents). The want to LOVE on us! Mom tells them that we're not used to little kids so to just pet the nice black dog(that would be Macon) and to leave the old brown dog(uh, that would be me...) alone. OK, that works. Then suddenly the Food Channel is replaced by something called The Wiggles!

No fair! We were watching how to make a cake! Fine. So we slink back to our beanbag only to see the big boy(Carter) take one blue beanbag to sit on and before we knew it, we were flying through the air without the greatest of ease as the little boy(Cade) jerked our beanbag out from under us.

And what did our wonderful 'rents do?


So war was on. I demanded to be up in the recliner with Dad and Macon got up with Mom. I think The Wiggles had to be about 5 hours long or so it seemed. Then Mom did a WONDERFUL thing...she told Carter it was bedtime and we only had Cade to contend with.

Our luck was holding as he climbed up in Mom's lap and!

Happy days are here again!




Macon usually doesn't make waves, but when she saw Cade on OUR bed, she looked at Mom and woofed!

Mom shusshed her and it seems like the bed was a stopping off point as she picked Cade up and put him in his playpen. Whew!

So we all went to bed and we were all up rock and rolling by 6:30.

Dad, the lucky bum, escaped for work.

Now The Wiggles is on again and Mom is singing one of her childhood favorites "Morning Town". She has succumbed to the Enemy. We hang our dachsie heads in shame. Wonder what color of Wiggles she will be? Sigh.

Macon and I have decided that these kids are a Cheerio-eatin', milk-suckin', high energy, pooping machines!

Our only hope is if Mom decides they need to go somewhere and she loads them up and leaves us here at the apartment to rest.

With Food Channel on, of course.

And word just came down that our Aunt Kelli is coming up tonight and our Uncle Michael is coming up tomorrow night.

Does Mom think we're running a Super 8 Motel here?

Sigh...well, maybe with more peeps around, the boys will play with them and we can have our 'rents back to ourself.

I hear Mom coming to see where we are. So quickly, Fenway, Chauncey, Lenny and any other doggie friends, I think you need to put your paws together and come up with a plan to help us escape the little hoomans that are surrounding us.

I just ripped off Mom's ATM card so you get here and we'll go out to will be Mom's treat!

See ya!


Pioneering in PA said...

Too cute Ness. Have fun with those boys!

Asthmagirl said...

I love it when dogs speak! They have such an interesting take on life!