13 March 2008

100 Things About Me

1. I was named after Vanessa Sterling in the old soap Love of Life.
2. My middle name is Gail because I was born during a tornado.
3. My mother about severed relationships with my grandma and dad when I was born because they missed hospital visiting hours when they were touring the tornado damage around town.
4. I always wanted a sister.
5. I found out I had 3 half sisters at my mother's wake.
6. My father's oldest grandchild is 19 days younger than me.
7. My mother's maiden name was Margaret Mitchell and she always used to tease people that she wrote the book Gone With The Wind.
8. I have never broken a bone.
9. I had my tonsils out when I was 18 and nearly bled to death.
10. My dad used to raise boxer dogs in the early 50's.
11. I learned to walk by holding on to our boxer named Penny.
12. My parents were married on the 4th of July.
13. I have been married(2) in the months of June and September.
14. My first boyfriend was in 2nd grade.
15. I named my eldest daughter after my first boyfriend.
16. My son is named for a childhood friend who died of leukemia when we were in junior high school.
17. My junior high school basketball team was the Eagles.
18. My high school basketball teams were the Maroons, the Blackcats and the Tigers.
19. I went to 3 different high schools.
20. My college basketball team was the Salukis.
21. I graduated from the same high school as my mother.
22. My son will graduate from the same college as I did.
23. I am a dog person.
24. In my life I have had the following types of dogs: boxer, poodle, collie, Golden Retriever and dachshund.
25. I used to take accordion lessons.
26. I used to take tap, jazz and ballet lessons.
27. My first musical solo was in 7th grade when I sang a line from The Sound of Music during the Spring Choral Concert.
28. My only childhood vacation was to Kentucky Lake and then to Chicago in the same week.
29. We had a player piano when I was growing up.
30. My favorite cake as a child was Grandma's 2 layer spice cake with fudge icing with colored sprinkles on top.
31. I am scared to death of snakes, mice and rats.
32. I had a hamster as a child named Squeaky.
33. All of our dachshunds have 4 names. It was a Virginia thing.
34. My dad's initials is the abbreviation for pounds.
35. I hated my mother's name(Margaret Ellen) as a child but now wished I had used one of them in my daughters' names.
36. I still have a baby tooth in front.
37. My mother was 1/4 Cherokee.
38. I always wanted long, straight hair as a child but had short and curly.
39. My favorite outfit in high school was a sage green Bobbie Brooks sweater and matching plaid skirt.
40. I always wanted an Aigner leather purse with my initials on it in gold(junior high fad)
41. I also wanted a gold engraved circular pin with my initials on it(another junior high fad)
42. My husband is 18 years my senior.
43. My favorite show as a child was Lawrence Welk--my dad made me watch it.
44. I used to scare a boy in kindergarten by pointing my index finger at him. He would run home.
45. There were no girls in my neighborhood as a child so I learned to play football with the guys and wanted a football helmet and football for Christmas in 1st grade.
46. I HATED dolls, much to my mother's dismay.
47. My grandma and aunt used to compete on buying me dresses for holidays and my mom had to put a stop to it because if I didn't wear both dresses for the holiday, they got mad.
48. My favorite music group in the 60's was Herman's Hermits.
49. I took German in grade school and Latin in high school.
50. I started nursing school and found out I was pregnant with my son so we did the first part of nursing school together.
51. When I was pregnant with the eldest, I craved lemonade, tomatoes and fried potatoes.
52. When I was pregnant with the middle, I craved peanut butter on raisin bread and popcorn.
53. When I was pregnant with the youngest, I craved BBQ chicken.
54. My favorite season is Fall.
55. My first wedding was in light blue including tuxedos.
56. My second wedding was in burgandy, teal and black.
57. My first new car was a 1973 charcoal grey Dodge Charger with a black vinyl roof.
58. The first day I drove it, the neighbor kids dumped white paint on my car and it had to be repainted.
59. My first job was working for a Dodge dealer typing out license and title applications.
60. My BSEd is in Educational Training and Development.
61. I got my BSEd on the 21 year plan when I was 39 years old.
62. My favorite meat is chuck steak.
63. I never liked candy as a child.
64. I hate the game Monopoly.
65. My parent's bedroom was painted dark grape purple with white and gold antique French Provincial furniture with a canopy bed when I was growing up.
66. My uncle made my mother a bedroom suite out of cherry wood when he was in high school.
67. My signature perfume is Fifth Avenue.
68. My mother's signature perfume was Estee Lauder's Youth Dew. I have a bottle of it.
69. I had a toy jukebox record player in kindergarten that flashed colored lights when I would play my 78 RPM records.
70. I LOVED Tinkertoys!
71. I can roller skate but not ice skate.
72. I learned to ride a bike when my dad pushed me down our steep hilly driveway.
73. I cannot hear the theme song to Lassie to this day without crying.
74. I HATE Fig Newton cookies!
75. My favorite childhood cookies were the ones shaped like windmills with almonds in them that Mom bought at the store.
76. I was a Rice Krispies cereal freak as a child.
77. My favorite breakfast is oatmeal with raisins, pecans and chopped apples.
78. I can't whistle.
79. When we got our first color TV in 1963 my favorite thing to watch was the NBC peacock logo.
80. I am an anal retentive, obsessive/compulsive control freak!
81. My blood type is O positive.
82. I have never been in an ambulance as a patient.
83. I converted from United Methodist to Catholic because of my daughter.
84. I always wanted to be Catholic as a child but my parents weren't church goers.
85. I do not like to fly.
86. I would rather drive than be driven.
87. Music is my lifeblood.
89. Ketchup rules over mustard!
90. I hate-hate-HATE the texture of onions, but like onion powder.
91. My favorite holiday is Christmas.
92. Pizza is definitely overrated!
93. My favorite color is blue-light or dark. No turquoise!
94. I have a collection of stuffed teddy bears. My husband and son bought most of them fore me.
95. I hate petunias with a passion because my dad had them in 3 window boxes on our house and I had to water them in summers as a child by carrying out pitchers of water as my dad was afraid I ruin them by using a water hose.
96. I do not like to ride horses.
97. I wired the electrical outlets in the last house my dad built for us when I was in 3rd grade. I had to learn to wire outlets for a science project and my dad capitalized on the talent after putting me through numerous tests(he was an electrician as well as a carpenter)
98. I also could lay a mean roof.(I was my father's tomboy.)
99. I read Bobbsey Twins, Cherry Ames and Donna Parker books when I was young with a passion. I have always loved to read and am a fast reader. My mom used to say I would be done with the books she bought before the store deposited her check!
100.My favorite Thanksgiving memory was sitting outside on my grandma's front porch on Thanksgiving morning when she got up to put on the turkey at 4 a.m. and smelling the coal stoves burning that was used to heat the houses. Where we lived, everyone had furnaces.


Pioneering in PA said...

Oh my. I had to pop up a new window to leave comments with while I read through your 100 Things post. Because, I have some "oh wow's" that I don't want to forget about.

Just let me start off by saying that I would have gladly given you, or anyone else, my sister's while growing up. Amen.

My mom married my step-dad on the 4th of July.
I have been married twice, once in June on the 15th, and the second on September 10th.
And really, so much of your list was.. Hey, me too!

Can't wait to do mine, congrats!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

#55 kills me!!! Can we see pics???

Hallie :)

dlyn said...

Woooo - thats a lot of facts!

Steph said...

Congratulation on the 100th post. I loved reading all of the facts about you.


Mama Bear said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog Ness. I so appreciate it, and I am glad to have met a new friend! How many doxie's do you have? Keep in touch please!!

Catty Ax Lady said...

Congrats on your 100th post! I remember when this blog was just a baby! {sniff tear sniff}

I hated to do this to you after 100 facts about you, but you've been tagged over at my blog. I gave you an out, if you'd like to take it :)

melanie said...

So cool... I am goign to have to do a list like this myself. Thanks for visiting my stie. And I love that you can remember your daughter's Easter outfit this many years later. Melanie, aka MO

Alice said...

Love this one! Love it. And tinker toys?!??! I forgot about them until I read this. My brother and I loved playing with them too!

kimmy said...

What a great post Ness! Can you really lay a roof? Can I call upon you when my roof leaks due to all this snow?

I hate Fig Newtons too. Gross...


The Not So Simple Things In Life said...

After hearing about you this evening I thought I'de come check your blog out! My sis Pioneering in pa had nothing but good things to say about you! SO while checking your blog there couldn't of been a better post to get to know you! Thats a whole lotta facts, I dread when the time comes for me to do my facts...cause I don't have any lol!

Congrats on your 100th!