21 March 2008

Easter Weekend

I will be busy with a houseful this weekend making Easter memories like were made for me as a child. The circle of life goes on.

Kathy, Bobby, Cade and Carter will be up this afternoon. We're putting the boys down for naps and Bobby can keep them while Kathy and I go Easter shopping. I've begrudgingly given up dragging out china and linen for our Easter dinner so we're going the paper route(easier on cleanup for me and try as I might, I didn't collect any extra spoons for the holiday weekend so I need all the help I can get). They make so many pretty paper plates, napkins and tablecloths and I'm sure Kathy and I will have fun picking them out. Kathy and I are like Hallie and long as we're together, we're having fun or making the best of muddling through.

Tonight the whole slew of us is going to a Methodist Church that I used to go to as a child(the son of my pastor in Herrin was the pastor of this church we're going to tonight) and they are doing a musical on the Easter story. We thought the boys would enjoy seeing the performance and I'll be right there enjoying it along with them .

Saturday finds us prepping for Easter dinner and hopefully enjoying the weather outside with the boys. I am going to buy them a bottle of bubbles and we're gonna bubble up the sky from our deck. I will have Roger documenting the weekend in pictures.

Sunday after we get back from church, my three kids will be arriving for dinner. On the menu is ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, applesauce, rolls and THREE desserts---for Michael, who gave up chocolate for Lent, Roger is making him the same killer brownies that will be shipped to CJ in the next few days...they have 3 bars of Hershey's Milk chocolate in the center of them and are to die for. The girls requested I make a Banana Split Cake and Kathy is making her grandmother's traditional Coconut Easter cake. I think no one will leave the table hungry!

I've been sitting here thinking back on Easter first recollection of Easter finery was when I was 6 and my 3 cousins came up to our house for Easter. Aunt Lois and Mom took us shopping for Easter clothes. Of course, David got a suit but Jan, Becky and I got pastel full skirted dresses

with DUSTERS(a light Spring coat that went over the dress), white gloves, white lacy socks, white patent leather purses, white patent leather shoes and hats. And each of us got a big ole petticoat to go under our dresses. Sadly, this was the only time any of us went to church during my childhood. And the Easter Bunny NEVER came until AFTER we got home from church cause we would either mess up our Easter clothes or get too involved with what we got to want to go to church.

When I became a mom, I remember Kelli Lynne's 3 Easter outfits for each Easter jammies outfit for Sunrise service, one frilly Easter dress and the works for church and one Easter play outfit for after church(they don't call me anal retentive for nothin'!) As each child joined the family, Easter shopping got more crazy. I remember making Easter hair ribbons when I couldn't find ones to match their outfits. The Easter I lost the quints, I had just finished making Kelli's Easter hair bow out of 3 colors of satin ribbon and never did get to see pictures of her in that outfit.

I thought that I had left behind Easter outfits and hiding Easter eggs when my kids outgrew it, but life has come full circle as I bought Easter outfits for Carter and Cade and will be hiding plastic eggs for them to find after church on Sunday.

There are so many ways to celebrate Easter and however you celebrate the day, I wish you a day of joy and peace and enjoying life with those who are special to you. Open the box of memories you have stored of those who have gone on before you, pick those memories up like fine lace, unfold them, hug them to you and remember the sweet, sweet times each memory brings to your mind. Then fold them carefully away and repack for next Easter. My dad died on Easter Sunday but it was a blessing since he had been battling Alzheimers and no one enjoyed hiding Easter eggs for me and the cousins more than Dad did. When Michael hides the Easter eggs for the boys on Sunday, I will think of my dad.


melanie said...

Ness, Hey, I am about tired of all this snow. Wish I could send it to you! I am looking forward to getting back to LA for the daffodils and azaleas! Melanie,aka Mo

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend - sounds like you will as you will be surrounded by your nearest and dearest.

I'll be thinking of you and hoping that maybe (just maybe) a hidden spoon or two magically appears!!


Annie said...

Have a Happy Easter Weekend Ness!!

Catty Ax Lady said...

Have a great Easter, Ness.

Alli said...

It sounds like you will have lots going on - hope you have a great Easter!

Steph said...


I hope that you have a wonderful Easter! I'm will Hallie, hoping that a couple of spoons will magically appears for you.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to my girl, Ness! Much love from Lenny and I and all your friends at CuppaJoe! Love ya, girl. Have a great day!! :)