05 March 2008

Outfits that make your relatives/friends go GROAN

I have nevah been a slave to fashion. If I like it, I wear it as long as it meets my requirements of clean, comfortable and colorful. Navy and black and gray have their place in my wardrobe(and remember from a few posts ago I am a match freak so everything coordinates from head to toe)but I am a woman of color!

I found the above pictured tshirt(and I also have an identical sweatshirt) at a craft show about 5 years ago and! I might add, I also have 3 sundresses that are tied-dyed in different patters of red/yellow/orange, light blue/navy and green/black from the same crafters that I ordered on line.


Gotta give them props for subtle, however. "Uh, Mom, it's kinda cool/warm/fill in the blank today. You might get cold/hot/whatever in that shirt," or, "Mom, you don't want to wear that to the BBQ and risk getting something on it."(Why, let Mom just whip out her tied-dyed matching bib and problem solved!)

But the message is clear...when you go out with my daughters, leave the tied-dyed at home.

If my son has an opinion, he has not uttered it...yet...

I also have a tied-dyed do rag I wear with it when the hair isn't there and with big hoop earrings, I am the envy of all the fashion shows. Paris(the city, not the twit) wants me for their Summer collection, but I keep telling them that, dahlings, I am just too-too busy and doubt if you would make color-coordinated spoons to match my outfits, so I will just HAVE say no to your kind, kind offer...

So, as I was getting dressed to go to Kung Fu(aka PT) this morning and chose this shirt above to wear, just wondered if YOU have any outfits that you love but your friends/family HATE and if so, let's just shake it like a Polaroid and post it on your blog site.

I wear this shirt loud and I wear it proud. And my husband loves it. But even if he didn't, I would wear it anyway.

I might make this a Wednesday feature...What I Definitely Wear. Then again, I have a limited clothing supply(minimalist and all) but it should suffice for a few more Wednesday.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I'm sittin ghere thinking if I have anything that I wear that others wich I wouldn't. The ONLY thing I can think of doesn't really count cuz John is the only one that doesn't like it. Everyone else, whenever I wear, trips over themselves to compliment me.

It's just a simple beige corduroy blazer that is fitted slightly - very trendy - looks great with jeans and I just got it last year.

But John DESPISES it!

Hallie :)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Btw, your pic wasnt tiny!!



Steph said...


I can't think of anything that I own that my family hates. My sister the self-proclamied fashion person doesn't like some of my dresses because I have this werid habit of liking to breath. But nothing they said they won't be seem with me in. Mom and I have the same taste and in fact have some of the same tops (weird thing - we have gotten dressed in two different houses two hours apart and have shown up wearing the same thing).

Stop by my blog when you have a chance I tagged you for a meme.


dlyn said...

I have a couple of hooded sweatshirts that have really outlived their attractiveness, but I wear them anyway. Sorry - there will be no pictures of me in them if I have anything to say about it LOL!