04 March 2008

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

or will be after my PT session today. I had to go and buy a wooden dowel rod and do some exercises at home with it and the therapist said that I need someone to watch me do them to make sure I'm doing it correctly. So Roger is gonna be my, coach. I'm going out on a limb here and saying that I *think* the therapy is helping but they still say I could have an impingement and the knife adventure still isn't out of the realm of possibility, which in two words, NO WAY.
Had a bad experience during the 2nd surgery of the day when they took my thyroid out and found the cancer and we won't be doing that again unless they drug me before I leave the apartment.

And there really is no good lead-in to the next topic so I'm just gonna put it out there and hope for a lot of feedback:

Do you have your funeral arrangements made/paid for yet?

With Roger retiring in a couple of weeks, we will be losing life insurance for both of us so we're scrambling about what to do. I asked the kids what they preferred since I'm obviously not going to be around for my demise and of course, they're in denial. I thought about pre-paying for it through a funeral home but Roger said if the funeral home goes out of business, your money will go with it. I'm one who doesn't want to inconvenience anyone and not knowing where the kids will be living when the time comes, I would just soon be cremated and they can send the ashes to one of them and go from there so no one will have to fly back here. I really don't have any friends to speak of who would come to a funeral except Kathy so I don't see sense in wasting money over a funeral home. So any and all comments/experiences/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

And on that note, I'm gonna go to work. I've been out this morning at PT and the library and the car dealer picking up another set of keys and the craft store for more quilting supplies and just got home.


Steph said...

I haven't thought about it at 33, but I know that my parents bought personal life insurance though AARP and got a pretty good rate. Just something to think about.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I will be cremated and John promises to put me on his mantel and stare at me daily. :)

Seriously, I suppose, if god forbid it happened anytime soon, John would have some sort of service/mass for me but I do not want a viewing/wak cuz I don't want my body in a bix ever.

Cremation and put me wherever he wants.

I can't even get rid of my doxie's ashes - they are still sitting in a little jar on a shelf in my living room. It makes me feel to talk to him when I dust him.


kimmy said...

I want to be cremated too. I am an organ donor too...they can take everything they need to help others and then cremate what is left!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

we are organ donaters (all 4 of us) and we will be cremated... I paid for mom to be cremated... reason being is once you pay the price is locked in... think about this... how many funeral omes do you know of that have gone out of business? they always have new clients... always will... just pick a reputable one.
Hugs me
ps hope you get this since i am sooooooo behind