28 March 2008

Today's Word is


Actually, it is an acronym.

It means Basic Officer Leadership Course.

There are 3 levels of BOLC-I, II and III.

Today, children, we are going to focus on BOLC II.

BOLC-II can either be at Ft. Benning, Georgia or Ft. Sill, Oklahoma.

It is for 5 weeks.

Michael will be reporting on 2 November and will be allowed a Christmas Exodus around 17 December when he will be finished with BOLC-II. He then reports to Ft. Sill, OK on 5 January for BOLC-III. This training lasts 5 months. While he is there, he will be offered 2 other training sessions to take, the names of which escape me at the moment because I am on information overload, but trust me, they're dangerous and not my first choice for my son to be doing.

Michael has chosen Field Artillery as his specialty.

Now where will he hang his Army helmet when he is done with BOLC-II, III and all that other dangerous training?

It's looking like the 116th Infantry Brigade Combat Team in Virginia, base to be determined. Two Virginia National Guard units were issued their orders for Iraq the other day but it wasn't the 116th. The 116th just came back February 2008 from a one year tour of Iraq. The Illinois National Guard Unit he is currently assigned to in Illinois will be leaving for Iraq in the Fall.

And what will he do between his May commissioning and BOLC-II?

He is up for GBR Gold Bar Recruiter. He would be working with the ROTC program at SIUC where he is graduating from in May. This is a description of it:

The Gold bar Recruiter (GBR) is a newly commissioned 2nd Lieutenant who has been ordered to active duty for the purpose of assisting an Army ROTC Battalion with training and recruiting duties. Each GBR is chosen based on merit and performance as a cadet and student.

Most of the GBR's time is spent on recruiting activities, working directly with the enrollment and scholarship officer. Initially, the GBR must become totally familiar with recruiting policies, procedures, benefits and obligations. Due to the numerous options available to prospects, the GBR must be very familiar with all of theses options and the criteria required to join the program.

The GBR adds a new perspective and energy to the Battalion because of their recent familiarity to high school, college and cadet life. With the guidance and direction of seasoned officers and non-commissioned officers, every GBR has exceeded the Battalion's expectations.

It is usually a 5 month program but it can be extended so he would be working here nad NOT moving back to Virginia until he goes to BOLC-II.

Yup, a lot of information for this mom to process, but I'm happy to at least have DATES now so I can plan, prepare and take in.

I had to laugh when Michael called yesterday to tell me what happened. Seems like there is one Lieutenant in Springfield, IL that did not get back to Michael in a timely fashion, so when the Lieutenant Colonel of his ROTC group asked him yesterday why he didn't have his BOLC dates, he explained about the Lieutenant and his attempts to get ahold of him, etc. He asked Michael to join him in his office and he had Springfield on the phone and when the LC couldn't get him, he just went over his head, called the BOLC Director in Virginia and we had dates before you could say snap, crackle or pop! There is a possibility that Michael could be moved up to a September departure(hey, when the LC calls the BOLC Director, the BOLC Director jumps through hoops to make the LC a happy LC) but Michael will be notified on a weekly basis if the dates have changed. By the way, the Lieutenant did have the smarts to return the LC's call and the Lieutenant got on the phone with Michael PDQ. Amazing what having the rank of LC can do...

So there you have it.

I guess I should change out the music to the Army theme song, but I'm really identifying with the current music on here, so I'm gonna go with it.

It's FRIDAY, kids!

Enjoy your weekend to.the.max!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Very happy you enjoyed the wiener video although it was not that good. Too dark, too choppy, too unprofessional. But it's the best I got. Fenway was SOOOOOO happy to see the ball come out of the closet where it has been hiding. She loves to play. You absolutely should get a playful wiener next time - they are so entertaining!

Still loving your music too!

Yeah for Michael! Keeping him my thoughts always.


dlyn said...

Glad you have some dates to plkay with now - always nice with the military!

Pioneering in PA said...

So glad that you finally have dates. I always hate the knowing that you have no certainty to attach to something.

Looks like he will be busy!

Mama Bear said...

I will have a good weekend, if you will too, OK? Thanks for the comment on my blog, I really appreciate it!! Guess what I got last night? I rescued a new little mini long haired doxie. I now have 2 of them. She's 10 mos old, and so cute!! Her name is Bitzy. She's a sweet heart and getting along fine with the other spoiled rotten furry kids in the house...LOL.. I really didn't need a another dog, but her story was just to much. There were 2 of them. I took one and my daughter took the other. Her and her new sister, my other doxie, Baby, are laying with me in the recliner now as I type. So sweet!!! How many do you have?

Have a good one!!