29 March 2008

Bless the Beasts and the Fools

who haul a desk up 4 flight of steps and it's gonna be a toss up who calls 911 for who...

I just entertained Hallie with the account after I logged in and saw that John's surgery had been set for April 22. If you're into the stock market, I would buy up Yankee Candles and whatever brand the Catholic Diocese in Belleville uses cause there's gonna be a run on them and stocks should go through the roof cause I'm keepin' the candles burnin! John, you rest up every chance you get, hear?

What started out to be a *simple getting Ness out of the apartment and among people* road trip at 7:30 a.m. turned out to be book and movie material. We went out to eat breakfast, hit up our favorite haunts(Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul and Goodwill) and found Roger a desk. We're gonna be computer roomies! So it was loaded into the little red truck and we went to an outlet mall called St. Louis Mills where we got a new wireless router and Roger a wireless keyboard to go with his new-to-him laptop he bought last week WHICH they tried to deliver while we were gone today(does this LOOK like April 4 when it was to be shipped? Uh, NO!)

Anyway...we stopped by Sears to get some special set of wrenches and got home and hauled the desk upstairs. Two of my children called during the event and I answered Johnson Hughes Funeral Home to one of them and told them to call back as I wasn't sure I was living and I was fighting a desk and the desk might daughter has NO sense of humor...

So the desk is in the bedroom and no dachshunds were mowed down in the process although Shania tried to direct things and she was about to go down...

Tomorrow we need to rearrange the room and get the dueling desks set up.

So I am planted at my computer playing catchup and wondering if either of us will be able to move to go to bed. I'm trying to convince Shania to heat up some tomato soup and fix some grilled cheese for supper but she is being such a stubborn little diva!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Damn dachshunds only heat up soup when THEY want some!!

Thank you SOOOOOO much for the call. It was really good to hear from you although you sound like you need to sleep for 5 years. I think you fought the desk and the desk won!

Hallie :)

Catty Ax Lady said...

Why oh why didn't I check my voicemail????? I would've met you over at the mills in a heartbeat...that's maybe 10 minutes from my house (okay, maybe 15). I'd also love to say that I would've helped you with the desk, but I wouldn't want you to yell at me, and I think you would've if I'd even tried! I would've been an incredible cheerleader though! I'm glad Roger found a desk!

Thanks for the prayers for the necklace's safe return. I'm starting to think that there's just no way it could possibly have fallen out that window. I just don't see it outside.

Mama Bear said...

I did alittle yard work the other day, Thursday I think, picking up tree branches etc, from our winter storms, and can hardly move now. I know that you will be sore for sure!!! I am glad that you had a nice day out, and hubby found a desk. Now you rest up, and feel good my friend. Where do you live? Va or Ill? I know, I have a fibro brain, ok? LOL. I know that you understand that one.
My dogs only want to EAT the soup...LOL.. Tomato soup and grill cheese does sound yummy.


katie said...

Lenny has never made me soup,but i bet he would make his Ness some. :)

Hope you have a great day! :)