12 April 2008

The Chains That Bind You

Been thinking about my life a lot lately and how to improve it. I have a lot of chains that bind me...pain, depression, fear, the need to control everything although God tells me daily that He doesn't need my help...)the war in Iraq that consumes me and can't seem to stop and get our soldiers home.

Prozac is a great drug for depression but you can only expect 60 mg to do so much. I try to ignore the chronic fatigue syndrome, cancer and fibro and go about my daily life, but I don't succeed often.

I didn't get into God until 1973. He has seen me through so much and all I have to do when I get scared or afraid for the future is to whisper a prayer. It doesn't have to be perfect English. He understands them all.

But I also have to listen to what He tells me. I find God answers prayers in 3 ways--yes, no or wait. I'm not good on the wait part. The Scriptures tell me that all things work together for good to those that love God and are called according to His purpose.(Romans 8:28)

And I have to trust. Trust is another issue. But I know I can trust God. In my heart. In my head is another problem. I think He needs my help. Now when it comes to my friends or family, I trust them totally to God.

I'm really going somewhere with this...

Back when Kelli was in Kindergarten, we used to listen to a Christian radio station when I took her to the babysitter and picked her up. We had 2 favorite songs, both by The Imperials---"Old Buddah" and "Praise the Lord". Kelli loved Old Buddah and could sing every word of the song spot on. Singing with Kelli in the car was some of the best times of my life.

Today I ran across the video of Praise the Lord and the pictures really touched my heart.

I also have 2 other people on my heart for the next 10 days and that is Hallie and John and John's upcoming surgery. They are everything you can be before major surgery---anxious and apprehensive. Especially when you've walked this path before as they have.

For the next ten days, I want you to keep them in your thoughts and in your prayers. I want the next ten days to be totally phenomenal for them and I want those chains of anxiousness and apprehension to break loose and I want them to have peace, good times together and the support of a loving blogging community.

You know I'm serious when I make up a new playlist to put on my blog with mostly Barry Manilow music for Hallie :-)to listen to as well as a few of my favorite songs that I get encouragement from.

Thanks for reading.


Mama Bear said...

I am so glad that Kelli went to another ER and found out what her problem was. Bless your heart, nothing like us Mom's, when our babies hurt. I will keep you and Kelli and of course Roger in my thoughts and prayers.
You are a great friend, Ness. I too, have been thinking a lot about John and Hallie and will keep them also in my prayers. Those of us who have chronic pain understand to well. With my severe brittle diabetes, the neuropathy and fibo, we know pain. John will be fine, the good Lord takes care of good people..They are good people. You are good people too Ness, one of the best.
Rest, my friend, you deserve it.

Debbie :o)

Daniela said...

Ness, my prayers are with you, your family and friends. God Bless you, from one mother to another.

Catty Ax Lady said...

Ah Ness, you're amazing. Just amazing.

Alli said...

Oh, I'm so happy that things are moving along with Kelli.

Saying a prayer for all.

Steph said...


I'm also thinking about Hallie & John. I agree that you are a great friend.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I have been in and out of your blog about 10 times today and never heard my beloved BARRY!!! I think you have it rigged so I have to keep coming back.

Seriously, Ness, both John and I feel a sense of peace knowing you are there for us. And knowing that you are so strongly praying for JOhn makes me smile. I am full of worry and am stressed and John is very scared but it helps more than you know remembering that you are there.


Catty Ax Lady said...

Oh Ness, you're funny! We're leaving on Tuesday morning for Florida...I WISH I was there already! I actually have to go into work tomorrow :( I'm hoping to be able to blog from there and update with pictures of the whole family.

katie said...

oh, you are a doll, Ness. I always leave your blog learning something and feeling better and for that I thank you. You are such an honest and caring women. Thanks for being you, girl. :)

Alice said...

Ness, checking in after a weekend away. I am so sorry about Kelli in the ER, but it sounds like she is OK and I am so glad. And I am so glad to know we have friends like you who "stand in the gap" for those who need it. I'm praying for Hallie and John with you and I'm keeping your family in my prayers, too.

You're an incredible woman,Ness, and we are all so blessed to know you.