12 April 2008

Update on Kelli

Got a call about 9 p.m. Friday night from Kelli saying the pain was unbearable and she was headed to the hospital and after throwing my keys at the neighbor below to check on the dogs in case Kelli was admitted we were out of here at 9:06. Got down there about 10:45 and Kelli had had a hep lock put in(Kiereney Jo kept calling it a hemlock and it was comedic relief--fact is, the child really thought that was the name of it)had a urinalysis, blood work and was headed for an abdominal CAT scan. They couldn't give her anything for pain until they got the results of the CAT scan because if it was a kidney stone, as the doctor(who was PHENOMENAL--actually the whole staff was--this was a different hospital that the screw ups on Thursday)they would call in a urologist and depending upon the size of the stone, they might have to take her to surgery and they didn't want to mask the pain with drugs.

Well it wasn't a problem with gall bladder, stomach, spleen, appendix, liver, kidneys or female organs. But they did find out she had enlarged abdominal lymph nodes, fluid around her heart and diverticulosis. The doctor has ruled it as a viral syndrome and said he has seen these very same symptoms in other people. He wants her to follow up with a doctor this week so I will be on the horn pulling my strings and getting her into a doctor. The doctor did say the viral syndrome in the abdomen can be really painful and took her off the Toradol and put her on Darvocet. Before she left ER, they gave her Demerol and Zofran through her "hemlock". We got her home, got her prescription filled and was back on the road about 1 a.m. to home. We got in about 2:30 and to bed by 3. I woke up at 6 and Roger slept in until9.

Kelli kept apologizing for asking us to come down when it "just turned out to be a virus." Roger and I tried to reassure her that if one of the kids were in an ER and we could get there, we would be there. I'm happy she went to another ER and they ruled out the big ticket items. All I could see was my daughter with an abdominal aorta aneurysm about to burst and it was going undiagnosed. My mother died of an aneurysm of the brain stem and they have me on stroke preventative meds so it is a family concern.

I talked to her while ago and she said the pain is more manageable and she's hoping to go back to work on Monday.

So we scrapped our plans for running around today cause we just had too much fun partying until the wee hours of this morning...

Nothing like being yelled at by an attitudinal dachshund at 2:30 a.m. because you left her for nearly 6 hours...


Steph said...


I'm so glad that Kelli went to another ER and that the ruled out all of the major issues. Even though it turned out to be "just a virus" if you don't get on top of those they can turn serious.

Hope you have a relaxing day!!

Take care,

Catty Ax Lady said...

Thank God she went back and got a diagnosis (and pain meds). Prayers going up that she recovers quickly and is able to return to work soon. And you, young lady, need to get more than just a few hours sleep!!! Don't make me come over there!

Debra w said...


You are such a great mom. I hope that Kelli is feeling better and that she is on the road to recovery. Praying that this will not send your body off into a major flare!

Love and hugs,