16 April 2008

Crankin' It!

Yeah, this family's in crankin' it mode!

Michael has been glued to the computer lab in the campus library crankin' out his 15 page paper. Rough draft due tomorrow so he will be sending it to us this afternoon for us to rip apart and edit. While he's waiting on us to get back to him, he's crankin' out another paper for his Bantu History class.

And when he's not doing that, he's been crankin' it up running and training for the River to River on Saturday. It is quite the phenomenal course running from the Mississippi to the Ohio River. His elderly grandparents are wanting to come for it and that means I will have to deal with not only Michael's father but his father's wife. Somebody better crank me up on some tolerance!

And those Cards was crankin' it against the Brewers last night and won!

Dancing With The Stars was crankin' last night when they cranked out cranky Priscilla and sent her down the river.

And those Idol peeps were crankin' it big time. My tear ducts were crankin' it out when I saw David's brother there in the audience who is fighting brain cancer. A medical team flew him out so he could see his brother perform.

And Roger was crankin' out ice when my coffee travel mug screwed up and dumped hot coffee all over my lips and chest.

And an overzealous physical therapist got to crankin' it too much yesterday afternoon and when she went to move my right arm behind my back, I cranked out one righteous scream that had to be heard in LA!

Crankin' it out of bed was an Olympic event this morning. Moving around is definitely optional today.

So crank it up in your world...crank up the smile, crank up the hope and crank up the prayers for our favorite A1C Shmoopy as he cranks out an amazing passing grade.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love the way you wrote this. Glad you got to chat with CJ last night. I am praying non-stop that he kicks ass on this test.

I am a nervous wreck.

Go Michael!! That kid is motivated! I am incredibly impressed with all he juggles at once.

Sorry about the scream heard round the world PT episode. I wondered what that sound was?? :)


kimmy said...

I will be crankin' out the math homework tonight! I'm determined to outwit my 8-year-old!!!!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

wonderfully witty way to express everything, Way to Go Michael, Prayers for he and shmoopy as they "crank it" I wondered what that sound was ... I hope things loosen up in the joints and the pt person has a bout of OWIE
Slippen you a bit of patience I have left over from dads house :) it turned out pretty good! prayers and hugs

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Sitting here nervous as all hell. Thought I'd come say hi.


Alice said...

Just checking in with you today. My internet was out at home, and I haven't had much time at work. You heard anything about CJ?? I've been praying hard this afternoon. I'll email you tonight (hopefully internet is back up at home!)

kim-d said...

Hey Ness!!!! Crankin' it up to come and say hi because I crank it double-time into sleep mode :).

Hey, how about that A1C CJ of ours! Never a doubt, cause I knew you had candles and the rosary. Powerful stuff, woman :)!!!!

And I'm envious of the freezer, and of the fun meals that will result...

katie said...

I'm crankin' out some coffee right now, Ness! trying to motivate myself to bring my lazy self to work!

You have a wonderful day!