17 April 2008

We're totally RANDOM today!

I woke up at 3 and felt like a herd of buffalo was dancin' the Macarena on me so I gut up verrry quietly as to not disturb the dachsie duo and their dad and camped out in the recliner. Combine seasonal allergies and a fibro flare and you've got one Ness who couldn't fight her way out of a paper bag!

I have a PT evaluation at 2 and I am so dreading it after the other day. I want to say, "You stand over there across the room and you can look at my arm from there but don't touch it!" They think I need more treatment but the Almighty insurance will win out and quite frankly kids, this ship has sailed. I have more function than I did have and it doesn't hurt like it did except when some moronothon tries to put it behind my back. I'm gonna have to call all my 4 legged dachsie friends and have them keep a ring of dachsie protection around their Auntie Ness and keep those hurtful PT people far, far away.

Roger just headed off to the cardiologist to get the answers on his latest heart function reports. He is having so much fun being retired. I get joy just out of watching him diddy-bop around the apartment.

Got Michael's 15 page paper edited last night and I tell you, I have seen so much growth in his writing ability since he started college. He has to turn in the rough draft this morning and I'm anxious to see the comments his professor has. He got the triple whammy on this paper as I edited it, Roger edited it and Kelli edited it.

Kristy Lee left Idol last night but her boyfriend was one smart dude as he had a ring and proposed to her last night! I guess it's anybody's Idol nod now but I'm glad Brooke got to stay. She just moves me somehow.

I'm sitting here looking at the bookcase next to my desk. There are 3 out of 5 bookshelves with Roger's books on them, mostly cooking books(he also has an entire 5 shelf bookcase of cook books in the dining room). My 2 shelves run the gamut of Sarah Ban Breathnach self-help books, fibro books, Elisabeth Kubler Ross books I bought after my cancer diagnosis, The Book of Virtues, Sewing books, Quilting books, music books(yeah, I really need a keyboard to play...hopefully we'll find one on Craigs List)and rounding out the bottom shelf are my Chicken Soup books, Maya Angelou books, my Idiots guides on many subjects, my Dr. Seuss collection, The Velveteen Rabbit and Good Night Moon. My name is Ness and I'm a total eclectic!

Going to start working so I can wrap it up before I have to go to PT. I'm coming home from there, grabbing a cuppa and settling down to 2 hours of Reba.

I am still charged and thrilled beyond thrilled that CJ passed his test! Couldn't have happend to a better A1C.

Keep Hallie and John in your prayers as Tuesday is sneaking up on them and I want them both happy, healthy and chilled out when they enter the hospital on Tuesday.

Have a phenomenal day!


kimmy said...

The Velveteen Rabbit was my favorite book as a child and I know all the words to Good Night Moon. I must have read that to my kids every night when they were babies!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Sounds like your bookshelf is someplace I'd like to visit. I'd grab a few wieners and snuggle up with a good book.

Hope the PT eval goes well and that Roger's heart is doing A-OK.

You're both in my thoughts.


dlyn said...

Hiya Ness - hope you are feeling better by now!

Alice said...

I love the Velveteen Rabbit, too!! Glad things are going well. I hope your PT works out OK. Thinking about you...

kim-d said...

Hey Ness! I hope your PT eval was such that you will not have to call in a dachsie goon squad :) -- I'm thing Lenny the Beady-Eyed Sausage and Mr. Chompers-with-the-Gnashing-Teeth would be your top goombas!!!! HAHA! I hope the same for Roger's heart tests. Fun times, huh?

When I stopped at Target today, I bought a new book to read. Just what I didn't need was another book--but, well, it sounded SO good. Now I just hope I'll have enough attention span to not only start it, but also to finish it. One never knows how that will go these days!

Take care, Nessa!!!! :)

Steph said...


I love the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. I'm always reading. Hope that PT went well today.


CattyAx Lady said...

Hey Ness...just popping in to make sure you guys are okay from the quake this morning. Obviously we didn't feel it down here, but it's all over the news here. Hoping you're all well. I'll be updating (maybe tonight) on the blog, but am saving pictures for when we get home to our own computer.

Mama Bear said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful and sweet comment on my blog. You are a special lady Ness. Yes, God always takes care of us and knows us better than we know ourselves. I will take your advice on the box thing. Sounds like a good plan. I hope ya'll are better from the earthquake. Again thanks for the comment. I am glad God has brought you into my life.

Love and God Bless~
Debbie :o)