21 April 2008

Exclusive Interview with Da Man

Put your paws together for Lenny!

Lenny owns Katie at CuppaJoe(PHENOMENAL blog, BTW!)

As you may have noticed, I'm a big LennyFan and his portraits hang in my Blog Gallery.

He also/used to love Hallie but her man John has been hatin' on him when he insulted Lenny with a mere Honorable Mention in their picture contest! You simply just don't *MENTION* Lenny, Da Man, dude. And honorable? Man, why didn't you just dis him and call him ugly?

Anyway, I was fortunate enough to grab an interview on Sunday afternoon with Lenny himself and WHAT A WAY to start a Monday?

Without further ado, I bring you


Ness: Hey, Lenny, so humbled that you could carve out some time to give me an interview.

Lenny: Well, Ness, it is what it is. I had a moment between scorin' and snorin'.

Ness: Well, let's get down to it, shall we? First question:

Ness: Tell me about the family that lives with you and what you think about them.
Lenny: hmmm, i gotta be real careful here, Ness my love. these people feed me everyday and all. ;) well, let's see- my dad's cool. although my barking tends to bring out his hot italian temper and Joe's always good for snatching french toast sticks from-that boy watches more Scooby-doo than anyone i know. Personally, i think scooby is the most overrated celebrity canine in the industry. and my Mom well she crazy. nuff said. ;)

N: If you could say, "Homefolks-run to the grocery store and buy ________ so you can fix my favorite supper of ________." what would the homefolks being buying and fixing for you?
L: well, Mom doesn't cook. so any one of them HungryWiener tv dinners will work.

N: What music barks to you?
L: "Who Let The Dogs Out".......or when the Cat's feeling it, a little Marvin Gaye to set the mood......I also enjoy "The Wiener Beneath my Wings"

N: Is Joe really all that and then some?
L: I ain't gonna lie. I ain't never seen an adult size head on no 4 year old before. his head is off the chain. That being said, Joe's a pretty cool cat. especially when he slips me some of his pb&j under the table when mom ain't lookin'. however, he does tend to get me in trouble alot. kid can't seem to keep his piehole shut when he catches me diggin' through the trash.

N: If you could change one thing about your homefolks, what would it be?
L: for them to stop drinking so much of the ole sauce. and to get bigger bones for me. and for them to add a lovely female wiener dog to the household. her name will be Lola and she will be a showgirl. with yellow feathers in her hair and well, you get the drift. ;)

N: Do you ever get to go cruisin' in the car?
L: Guuuuurl, you know it. the ladies love a wiener on wheels.

N: Assuming you're a sun-worshipper, what SPF do you use?
L: My shiny coat gets lathered up with bacon grease, baby. keeps me glossy.

N: Are you a bad boy?
L: Is the sky blue? The Sausage is the ultimate bad boy, babe.

N: Picture it, Lenny. You're planning a gathering of your friends. Who would you invite and what would you serve?
L: It would primarily be a gathering of wieners. everyone knows a wiener can hold his liqour better than any other breed. plus we can do killer keg stands and work a funnel like you wouldn't believe.

N: How do you feel about your mom dressing you up and snappin' photos?
L: I try and just roll wit it, gurl. I have been called a metrosexual weiner quite a few times. so, donning a boa and bunny ears still allows me to maintain my masculinity.

N: Could you be the next American Idol?
L: Hell to the yeah. it's about time we had a wiener win the title.

N: What do you do to relax?
L: Cognac by the fire followed by a long bath surrounded by candles and Yanni playing ever so lightly in the background.

N: Do you have a "significant other" at the moment and give us the goods on her/him/them.
L: Well, truth be told, sweet Ness, i been schmoozin' that loose little chi-wow-wa next door. but apparently she gets around cuz the bulldog down the road has his paws set on her too.

N: What do you want the blogging world to know about you?
L: That i love the ladies, i am smarter than i look on my crazy mom's blog, and i don't smoke doobie with the Cat.

N: Any favorite movies?
L: A Sausage and a Gentleman, Gone with the Wiener, and Pretty Wiener

N: What is the most revolting thing you have to do besides have your anal glands expressed?
L: Well, smelling the cat's butt, but every dog does that, right?

N: And finally, what do you want God to say to you when you arrive in Heaven?
L: You are a fine fine weiner. you may enter the Pearly Gates!

Well, Lenny, great having you on the blog! Thanks again for the interview and hope we might get you in for another one down the road! High Paw, Big Guy!


Alice said...

Oh. mygod! I LOVED this. Loved it. What a fabulous way for me to start my Monday. You need to keep doing this!!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I can't even BEGIN to tell you how rude it is to tell me that Lenny no longer loves me cuz of waht John may or may not have done to him (via the honorable mention)

It is unacceptable to punish me for the actions of my bird lovin husband.

I am now distraught.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

OH dear I feel so much closer to understanding Lenny now... I was a bit confused over all the get ups but, now.... well I understand.
Grins and hugs!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

ps HAllIE... squirt still loves you even if John wasn't knocked over by her smile!

kim-d said...

Okay, Ness, this was hilarious! You became ONE with Lenny...serious! And it was so nice to learn so much about him. And you...BWAHAHAHA! But now you've gone and distraughted Hallie. OH NO...

This was so fun!

katie said...

Hallie!! Lenny and I totally loved and appreciated that honorable mention, i will have you know. my husband was thrilled to see Lensters pic on your blog. tripped him out.

Great great interview here, Ness. You really get to know the real weiner that lenny is. love it!

cyndy said...

I LOVE IT! This is freaking awesome.

Debra w said...


You give the gift of laughter and that is something that is difficult to come by.

I think that as friends, we mother each other which is something that so many of us truly need. I am so grateful to have you in my life.


Mama Bear said...

That was so cute! You are talented my dear! Thanks for the laugh. I needed that today..

God Bless~