22 April 2008

Keep The Candle Burning for John and Hallie Today

I ask you to let us put our hearts and hands together today in prayer and hope for John and Hallie. John was to enter surgery about 7:30 Eastern Time this morning.

Blender Kimmy will keep us updated. This could be a long surgery.

God, I ask you to be with the surgeons and medical personnel who work with John today. Give them clear thinking, steady hands and the knowledge to take care of John's needs.

God, give Hallie the peace that passes all understanding and a calmness that she will know is coming from You.

Also, dear Lord, be with Connor and CJ today. This is their dad who they love so very much and who they have seen battle other surgeries. Let them also be a support to their mom.

I ask these things in Your name, Amen


Alice said...

I join you in this prayer, today, Ness. Holding John and Hallie up in prayer for as long as they need it.

Coffee Bean said...

What a beautiful prayer and a so nice to put this in your blog.

God Bless!

Angel... said...

I also join you in this Prayer Ness.

I hope everything will be ok soon.

Take care

Wonderful World of Weiners said...


Finally home and wanted to say hello. ANd then I find this entry and I sit here with tears in my eyes....good tears because we have a friend like you and good tears because John has made it through day one.

I am honored that you chose to post this today. Your candles work miracles my friend.

I will call in the next day or two to say hello.